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Smallville Music HELP!!!


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Jan 11, 2003
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I was wondering if anyone knows where to find some music by mark snow the composer of smallville. the track im looking for in particular is from the episode, exodus. its in the first scene where clark first speaks to jor-el. if anyone knows where to find it or if it even exists, please let me know.
I dont think any Scores has been released once so ever. The best thing to do is rip the Episode from DVD with Smart Ripper & then Select the 6 Channel 5.1 ac3 thingy & with a Program remove the Center Channel which for the most part removes Dialogue. Most of the time you will hear Dialogue but that ends up very VERY faint & depending on the Source you will every now & then not hear the Dialogue at all. You can also remove Channels to have Voice Only & almost no Music when you hear Dialogue (I have a couple of Trailer Rips like this)
Not that it helps, but I gotta a handful of Smallville Soundtrack albums if anyone needs them
I love Mark Snow's music on this show and the X-Files. He really should release a Smallville score! I'd buy it.

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