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So, How is it going?


The Man Of Steel (Is #1)
Nov 21, 2001
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How is it going with the Fan Film forum being here in Fiction? It looks to me like it's doing very well, Every time I come in here it looks like the Fan Film topics are on top.

Should we start asking for a Fan Film forum of your own again or give it some more time or even just leave it here?

I say we just give it more time, even though I wouldn't mind a film forum right now.
Got that right. I think that proves that fan film is worthy of its own forum.
I think it needs to get its own forum. It's hard enough getting feedback on my writting when I'm competeing with other writers, now theres filmmakers too.

You guys deserve your own forum anyway, theres almost more topics about fan films than fanfics.
True that. Hey If the Fan Fic people complain we would probubly get it. Reaper...make a move fanfilms to new forum thread and you might get a reaction.
Well I hate to say it but the fact that not that many people voted says alot.
it's good.. But it's very own forum would be much better (afterall books have a forum.. unless that was an april fools gag)
But, this is better than nothing :)
so, how's it going NOW?

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