So, what Christmas traditions do you take part in?

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May 29, 2004
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Me, I tend to watch Die Hard at 11PM every Christmas Eve. Takes you through to about 1AM Christmas Day and you get to spend Christmas Eve with the greatest love story ever told!
Every year we go out into the woods and pick our tree and cut it down ourselves. Then we drag it back to the car and when we decorate our tree at home we have a box of Ganong chocolate and have X-mas music playing in the background.

As for Christmas Eve we always have Christmas dinner with my in-laws and we open our presents there at midnight.

On Christmas morning when the kids wake up they can open their Christmas stockings but nothing else, while I cook a huge breakfast. Once we are done then we each open a present in turn until all the presents are open.

I have also done a few scavenger hunts, where they find something big. As in one year I had them go around the whole house until they found a dvd to announce that we are going to Disney World.
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Go to Mothers on Christmas Eve, Morning to Nephews, Noon to fathers, Night to Aunt.

It's been that way since I was a kid.
pig out on good food and get drunk with the family
I work lol. It's like Jeff Dunham said, "Twas the night before Christmas, and all the Jews were at the movies."
Go to a Chinese Buffet restaurant to eat. Watch Doctor Who if I can.

I also watch:
A Charlie Brown Christmas
The Snowman (1982)
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966)
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Gotta say I enjoy Lethal Weapon instead of die hard. The stop motion Rodulph movie is golden, too. I enjoy old Christmas music - little drummer boy is fantastic.
Batman Returns and Nightmare Before Christmas

As I've gotten older, depending on my mood, I might just drink with friends and drunkenly self loath and reflect on my mistakes of the past year.
On Christmas Eve, I watch: the He-man Christmas Special, Christmas Vacation, and Batman Returns. Before that, we go to the tree farm, select and cut our own tree. If I am alone before Christmas Eve, I will sometimes watch the Star Wars Holiday Special with the company of beer. It's fun and the only way to watch it.
A Christmas Story marathon plays on the TV as me and my family unwrap our gifts.

Then we stuff ourselves with food.
On Christmas Eve, I watch: the He-man Christmas Special, Christmas Vacation, and Batman Returns. Before that, we go to the tree farm, select and cut our own tree. If I am alone before Christmas Eve, I will sometimes watch the Star Wars Holiday Special with the company of beer. It's fun and the only way to watch it.

WTH did you just zip back from the 80's, how in da hells do you still have these......
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I usually watch A Christmas Story and Elf. May watch Christmas Vacation too. I usually have Christmas Eve at my house, and Christmas Day I either stay home or go to my Aunt/Uncle's house. I plan to beat at least half the games I get while I'm off and do Science Fair.
well we do dinner on xmas eve, then open the gifts after dinner and on xmas day we go to my dad's girlfriends brother in law's house and have food there and open and exchange gifts there too, we have been doing it for about 5 years now. I also watch Scrooged and Christmas Vacation every year (and it is still funny 20 plus years later).
It's a month-long tradition for me to watch any and all Christmas specials and movies I can think of. I've never watched Batman Return for Christmas before, but I'm thinking of including it this year.
But every Christmas Eve, the family gathers together to watch It's a Wonderful Life and on Christmas Day we watch White Christmas. It's just not Christmas without them.
Marathoning March of the Wooden Soldiers, A Charlie Brown Christmas, the Grinch, Doctor Who, and as many Rankin-Bass specials as I can make time for. The usual gift exchanges, dinner with friends or the (un)lucky lady of the moment. Mass on TV if I can't make it downtown in time (don't believe, but I love the spectacle). Honeymooners marathon (or Twilight Zone) and as many TV concerts as I can stay up for, particularly the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and St. Olaf Choir. The latter did a concert at the Metropolitan Museum of Art years back that still broadcasts every year, a wonderful program showcasing museum pieces while the music plays. Watching specials on the Christmas Markets (some of which I hope to travel to one day) as well as different countries' celebrations of the holidays.
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When I was younger I would watch the old school muppet christmas specials, willy wonka before we had our christmas dinner. After dinner we would either play a boardgame (admittedly at the time i didn't know most of my family was doing it buzzed lol) it was a lot funner back then, but when my cousins got older we would do druken christmas carols around the neighborhood which was fun. We also do the traditional dirty santa, and exchange gifts. In the recent years we also played many rounds of beer pong as well.
Every year in late September I start listening to carols and watching Christmas-themed movies/specials.

I take pictures of store displays and interesting new Christmas items.

I like to Black Friday shop even if I don't buy anything just because I'm a night owl and it's nice to be able to shop at 3am.

The family decorates together.

On Christmas eve, I let my kids open one gift, we go to a Christmas eve service, make hot chocolate, and drive around to look at lights.
I find this thread offensive as I don't celebrate Christmas
J/K :cwink::o
I put up my tree, and I drink. That is all.
Put up the tree on the second week.
Christmas Eve our family do Secret Santa.
We have stocking presents in the morning, muffins for breakfast.
We also have normal presents and tree presents :woot:
On Christmas Eve I'll probably be watching whatever holiday movie happens to be on TV such classics like A Christmas Story and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation are always a pleasure, maybe pop in a TV show on DVD that has a X-Mas themed episode.

At night we always visit an Aunt for a few hours then it's back home again.
At some point during Christmas Eve (or Christmas Day) I like to spend 90 minutes with Clark W. Griswold and his family.

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