Some DC characters that would adapt really well to TV series


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May 11, 2004
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I searched, came up with nothing.

This is a thread for anyone to post ideas of DC characters that would adapt well to a TV series.

A couple that I can think of right off would be

1. Animal Man.
Buddy can mimic any abilities of any animal as a result of his encounter with a crashed alien spacecraft. He does this by either focusing on a specific animal near him, or, as he learned later, by drawing power from the animal kingdom in general (this enables him to even mimic animals that are extinct). The nature of these powers has been described in various ways, including the superficial "alien radiation" explanation of his early appearances, the reconstruction of his body by aliens with "morphogenetic grafts" at the cellular level, and currently, mystical access to a "morphogenetic field" created by all living creatures, also known as "the Red". He does not grow wings to fly as a bird (instead he flies in classic "Superman style"), nor does he form gills to breathe underwater when mimicking a fish, but he has occasionally been known to mimic the actual appearances of animals, such as adopting the claws of a wolverine temporarily, or his metamorphosis toward the end of Delano's run on his series.
Among the "animal powers" Buddy has been known to use are:
  • The strength of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • The flight of a bird.
  • The swimming ability of a fish.
  • The speed of an ant.
  • The reflexes of a fly.
  • The wall-crawling of a spider.
  • The sonic blast of a pistol shrimp.
  • The sense of smell of a moth.
  • The stench of a skunk.
  • The color changing of a chameleon.
  • The agility of a snake.
  • The electricity of an electric eel.
  • A worm's ability to re-grow lost body parts.
  • The reproduction abilities of protozoa.
  • The durability of a cockroach.
  • The ability to "fire lightning from his face" from an unidentified alien creature.
The level of Buddy's abilities are proportional to the size of the animal they are drawn from. Hence, drawing the jumping ability from a flea would allow him to cover great distances. However, taking the abilities of a larger animal does not result in diminished power for him. In some appearances, he can also talk to animals and enter their minds.
Tapping into the Red, Animal Man can also fire blasts of force or unidentified energy. He can even use the primordial energies to start a new universe.
In 52, Buddy experiences an upgrade that allows him to connect to the Universe's morphogenetic field, providing him unlimited access to all animals in the universe regardless of origin. Though he gains their abilities, Animal Man knows nothing about the creatures he's taking them from.

2. Resurrection Man

Unasked-for experimentation involving miscroscopic tektites means that the immortal Mitch Shelley regenerates every time he dies, the tektites in his bloodstream resurrecting him with a new set of powers [much like Multi-Man] which are often a response to the manner of his death. He is opposed to Vandal Savage, and will be so for many years. He was once thought to be the reincarnation of the Immortal Man, but this has since been discovered to be untrue. It is possible that his immortality was granted by the same meteor that did the same for Savage and Immortal Man, though this has never been confirmed.

It is known that Mitch will survive at least as far as into the 853rd century, where he will be the adult leader of the Justice Legion B (that era's Teen Titans) and strategic guide of the Justice Legion A. Although it seemed that he was definitely killed by Vandal Savage in that era, he returned shortly afterwards with renewed life once again
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I always thought the latter Batman comics, especially the ones that focused on Batman and the entire Bat-Family, would make for an amazing TV series.
I always thought the latter Batman comics, especially the ones that focused on Batman and the entire Bat-Family, would make for an amazing TV series.

Similar to the failed Birds of Prey. I had high hopes for that show. It had a lot of potential, but fell victim to the writers strike at the time.
Live action tv series:

1.) Nightwing- Nightwing would be great to see. I think the first episode should guest star Batman. That way the general audience who are not comic readers can identify with him. Set him in Bludhaven or New York and there you have it.

2. Animal Man is a great idea for a tv series.

3. Infinity, Inc. ( the old 1980's comic that had Silver Scarab, Fury, etc.)

4. The Question

5. Sandman Mystery Theater ( set in the 1930's and not now)
The Question and Ressurection Man would be great for television.

Hitman would be great for an FX or Showtime show. They both have real interest in gritty tv shows and they may want to cash in on the superhero craze.
I can't remember the name of the book. The team was made up of supervillains that were helping fight crime to either lessen the sentence or atone for what they had done. Anyone remember what I'm talking about? Was it Doom Patrol?
Maybe not live action, but I'd like a Green Lantern Corps animated show. It could be like an anthology. Each week, focus on a different green lantern.
Martian Manhunter. A sci-fi detective show would kick so much ass.
MM would be a really cool series, maybe they could spin it off of Smallville and use that guy they use on there.
MM would be a really cool series, maybe they could spin it off of Smallville and use that guy they use on there.

As much as I would like to see a DC character spin off, I'd rather MM be seperate from Smallville.
Human Target had a tv show for awhile that no one watched. I thought that was a good fit, but it didnt catch on.

Dial H For Hero could work
Nightwing, obviously. Simple costume, crime drama, police procedures, quirky supporting cast, flashbacks to being Robin, great combat. Batman-lite. Batman wouldn't work as well, because of the movies, really.

The Flash would work again. The speed effect is pretty simple and his gimmicky villains are no more expensive than the freaks of the week on Smallville.

Wonder Woman would work again. Locations might be a hassle, but getting your themyscira nature setting and your big city together doesn't have to be impossible. She may have to be toned down to 10-ton range strength and use the lasso sparingly, but it can certainly be done.

Static. Perhaps aimed a bit younger, but again, a smallville budet would do.

Obviously the non-powered guys. Gotham Central. The Question. Green Arrow. Blue Beetle (the dead one). Several JSAers could be given a darker tone and a good script and some leeway on their premise and make a great series. Hourman. Mr. Terrific (the living one). Crimson Avenger (either one).

Honestly... as much as I love the Teen Titans... I don't see much there.
Oh yeah...The Black Hood could be good.
IMHO Nightwing is probably the one that would have the best chance since it's the Bat-brand, thus increasing its chances of getting greenlighted, plus Dick Grayson is a character very well-established among folks who are familiar with Batman but who don't necessarily read comics.
Dial H for HERO would work really well. I agree with that one.
Ben 10 basically jacked the Dial H For HERO idea

How about Blue&Gold, a wacky Middle Man/Eureka style sci-fi sitcom starring everyone's favorite duo Blue Beetle and Booster Gold?

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judo master would work as a series ala kung fu the legend continues
Every team book DC produces. No way a movie could do all the characters justice
Huntress (Bertinelli)
The Question
Birds of Prey (adapting Simone's run, it'd make a great cartoon series, too)
Teen Titans
The Outsiders
Green Arrow
Suicide Squad
Wonder Woman
The Demon
Manhunter (Kate Spencer)
Legion of Super-Heroes

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