Spider-Man 3 On Blu-Ray Has Not Broken Any Records In Its First Two Weeks


Jul 21, 2005
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We had a feeling Sony was disappointed with Spider-Man 3's first week of sales on Blu-ray, and now we know why. Sure, 135k copies in one week (not including those bundled with the PS3 or the box set) isn't anything to scuff at, but it doesn't compare to Warner's 300 at 165k. It is however, Sony's biggest title to date -- by far -- as Casino Royal only sold 40k copies. HD DVD fanboys will be quick to point out that the tide is already starting to change and Transformers selling 190k HD DVD discs is proof, but this argument is less than weak when you consider that in the DVD race Transformers out-sold Spidey 3 by a three to one margin. Of course a devout Blu-ray fans may argue that if Transformers would've been on Blu-ray, it would've sold 405k, but that's why we call them fanboys. We do look forward to tomorrow's VideoScan numbers, when we get to see how Spidey did against Transformers in its third week.

I don't get why they don't just have 1 HD movie player like DVD. The question is will this war end or will it not stop until the next generation of movie players?
Wouldn't the fact that the Blu-ray version is split between three SKUs end up skewing the numbers?

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