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World Spider-Man chess


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Sep 1, 2000
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Sota Toys in September will release a Spider-Man Chess Set, limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide.

The set features 16 different characters (plus 8 Spider Tracers and 8 Spider Slayers) and a sculpted chess board that recreates a roof-top battle.

The chess board features a sculpted lid that lifts off to reveal a storage space for all of the pewter chess pieces. The board measures 19 inches by 19 inches by 9 inches.

The set will cost $499.99.

Hero pieces include Spider-Man as king, Symbiote Spider-Man as queen, Punisher and Moon Knight as knights, Daredevil and Black Cat as bishops, Blade and Cloak & Dagger as rooks and Spider-Tracer as pawns.

Villain pieces include Green Goblin as king, Doctor Octopus as queen, Scorpion and Sandman as knights, Electro and Lizard as bishops, Venom and Rhino as rooks and Spider-Slayer as pawns
Eh... I'd like it better if Spider-Man wasn't his own queen. But I guess you gotta have Spidey be offensively effective somehow in his own game.
I would have preferred a Mary Jane sculpt as Spider-Man's "Queen", but other than that, it looks great.
it look,s great bud i dont have the money to buy it.
to bad, bud $499.99.
is little expensive
Aww no Mysterio either?:(

Never mind its still pretty good
CaptainStacy said:
I would have preferred a Mary Jane sculpt as Spider-Man's "Queen", but other than that, it looks great.

MJ as the most powerful character in a battle royale between Spidey's friends and his greatest foes? :D
If someone were to buy a set with the intent of selling off the pieces separately, they'd have to charge $35.00+ each to make a profit (assuming that only the 16 character figurines would sell, and not the spider-tracer/spider-slayer pawns).

Now I know I'd pay $35 to get that pewter Lizard, but are there enough crazies like me out there to buy up a whole set's worth?

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