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Spidey-dude's manips round 2 : electric boogaloo


Aug 22, 2005
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well my style has changed alot since I started my last thread, and 10 pages of crap is alot to go through to find my good stuff, so Im gonna post my new (and fav) stuff here:

X-men #1 :


Thor :


Iron-man poster concept :



and a link to the old thread
hhhhhmmmmmmmpf geuss nobody cares bout lil ol spidey-dude anymore

heres hulk (will be part of my upcoming avengers manip along with thor)

wow! i'm not a fan of manips in general but i'm loving these... especially x-men #1, very clever! thor is also rinsing! who's the actor? one thing... there looks to be something a bit wrong with hulk's chest: he's got a weird bulge... looks like the alien is about to burst out!
yeah I see what you mean, I will try and fix his pecks

cheers phig, Im glad you like

and thanx too ampersand, Lady Stormcrow, and the_Horror

the best part of doing these is for peoples reactions and feedback so thanks for posting
there should be updated now with no bulgy chest, cheers phig
These are absolutely amazing! I think these are some of the greatest manips I've ever seen. :up:
They're great. You only need the credits so they look off. posters
these are great manips. i've always wanted to try and learn how to do these
thanks everyone, will have my life sorted out in a coupkle of days (hopefully) so should be able to crank out more manips (the hulk was the first one I have done in almost a month)

cc its hard to describe how to do it lol, I basicly just put different pictures together then blend them and hope it looks half decent, Its all about the images you find, I found the image I used for the hulks base and just knew exactly what I wanted to do with it, and it fell together quite nicely
very cool stuff man! i CAN'T WAIT to see your take on the avengers. to nit pick, the perspective on thor's left arm is a little distracting, seems a little low / big. it'd appear smaller since it it not as close to the cam yeah?


same deal with hulk's arm, dont really match the feet, but i guess it all depends on your horizon line.

anyway. AWESOME STUFF! really really good. keep 'em coming...
I think thors shoulders are hunched because the arms were like that on the base pic, I didnt change their size or place as I found a good base pic for them...but I do see what you mean, thanks for the advanced crit and even drawing its rare to get detailed feedback like that I really appreciate it
thanks....im working on captain america (STILL!!!!) and futurama at the mo (almost finished fry...leela and bender are very very hard)
If you like my war machine manip please vote for it in the april fan art contest......If you don't like it then errrrm don't???
i really love em all, but why does the hulk only have 4 toes lol?

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