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Legends Star Wars/Marvel cross-over possibilities

Wally West

Mar 18, 2005
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I'd love to see a Marvel vs Star Wars fighting game.

A comic cross-over could be epic. Imagine the possible scenarios, we could see Spider-man fight Darth Maul , or Dr. Doom take on Vader, or the Hulk battling a Rancor...

I'm not sure how the current video game and comic book licenses will be effected, but none of this ever seemed possible until now.
As long as none of it is ever canon, I say have at it. :D
Realistically, I can see Star Wars crossing over with Fantastic Four.
I was playing Smash Brothers Melee on the Game Cube the other night, and realized that a Marvel vs. Star Wars fighting game would be awesome. Then, I started imaginging some of the matches: Deadpool vs. Boba Fett, Luke vs. Thor...
Plus, they could have battles on environments such as a Star Destroyer or Helicarrier...
I definitely would love a video game featuring both universes. But not in a Marvel vs. Capcom style fighting game, more like Smash Bros. would be sweet.
I'm down for a Marvel vs. Star Wars UMvC3 style fighter. How sweet would that be? That would fly off the shelves for sure.

Bobba Fett vs. Deadpool
Darth Maul vs. Wolverine
Darth Vader vs. Dr. Doom
Luke Skywalker vs. Captain America
General Grievous vs. Iron Man
Aurra Sing vs. Black Widow
Darth Sidious vs. Thanos
Rancor vs. Hulk
At-St vs. Sentinal
Death Star vs. Galactus

The possibilities are endless and awesome. It would be totally fanboy over teh top cosmic chaos!

The best part? It could totally happen now that they are under the same roof.
Is that supposed to be Mara next to Luke?

Also I'd love some comics crossovers. Boba Fett and Iron Man, The Fantastic Four in a galaxy far far away, Logan in the cantina etc.

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