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I would normally be excited about a Steam sale, but I've been putting all my focus into the GOG sale instead hehe. :awesome:
This is the best part of the Holiday's honestly........
Tomb Raider collection is on sale today ... $13.00 for 11 games
I've picked up some nice deals over the past few days:
Alan Wake-2.99
Alan Wake's American Nightmare- 0.99
Dust: And Elysium Tale- 3.74
Deadly Premonition- 9.99
Pacman Championship Edition + DLC- 10.04
9 Gathering Steam: Valve's service doubles every three years Valve's Steam, now in its second decade, has grown at a rate of 25 percent every year. It has already surpassed the size of Xbox Live, and will likely surpass Sony's service population by 2016.


Steam Family Sharing now requires two-step process, approval

(5 hours ago)

Do you like sharing games with your friends on Steam? Well good, because you can still do that - you'll just need to assure Steam that you actually know your friends before they can start digging into your library. An update to the Steam Family Sharing community page explains that in addition to authorizing the machine your friend accesses your library from, you'll also need to give clearance to the account they're using.

You'll now be able to grant 10 accounts and 10 machines access to your games and DLC, unless of course they require a third-party key or registration. The post explains that the added need to clear accounts allows a library's owner more control over who is accessing it. The change also decreases "the risk of VAC or other bans resulting from an unknown user accessing and abusing shared games on an authorized machine."

What kind of friend would troll from a friend's Steam library to the point of drawing administrative attention? Absolutely no one we've ever met, right?

source: gamasutra & PolygonSteam
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I had it put up in the steam machines thread just prior to this one I put up now. other then that I don't it was talk about much prior to that.
I remember the concept being mentioned during the XBone debacle earlier in the year and it was suggested for Steam but I haven't been keeping up with events that much.
yeah but the detail's for the XBone were detail properly as with the rest at the time and people became fed up with them over that and I think I put up a podcast from game informer on the issue in the XBone thread or something about that. it was torn to shreds( well they weren't too nasty about it but yeah) there by the people discussion it cause of ms handled the issue.
Final haul for this sale:

Unity of Command Black Turn: Operation Barbarossa 1941
Space Hulk - 2 Pack
The Blackwell Bundle
Syberia Collection
Gone Home
Shadowrun: Dragonfall
Oddworld: Abes Oddysee/Abes Exoddus package

Picked up more than I expected, but spent much less than previous sales.
With this weekend's Square Enix sale, I bought Life Is Strange and the Hitman games (except Absolution since I already got it).

LIS is pretty good so far. Reminds me a bit of Gone Home.
I`m building a new pc....I cant wait to start getting games on Steam again!
How come Activision games never go through those Amazing Steam sales?
I love [PROTOTYPE], but I love Assassin's Creed II & Brotherhood, and Batman Arkham City & Origins a heckuva lot more, and I paid a bit less than $20 bucks to get all 4 of those games including all dlc, I'm not willing to pay $30 for a game I like less and has no extra content.
They're a hit and miss developer, so I don't think it's a total loss. :shrug:

EDIT: [PROTOTYPE] and its sequel were part of the sale for 75% off each.
I love a good number of their games, it makes me grouchy.
When was that? Crap, I missed it.
And now the [PROTOTYPE] sequel is not something I find in their store at all.
I was looking through the Steam store and they have both games for under $20, and they were on sale during the Summer Sale.

Does Activision have their own game store?
I read Prototype 2's price wrong it's $40.
What the heck?
Is Prototype 2 a regional thing?
I get a site error and stuff on it when google links me to the game on steam store.

This is annoying, I'll quit searching for it for a while.
Thank you for your time and help, Loca. :)
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You're welcome. I'm in the US, so maybe. :p

EDIT: According to the forums, Steam is region locking the game.
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Steam and GOG holiday sales are up. I'd like to get Deux Ex: MD and Rise of the Tomb Raider but I still have a few games to play before. By the time I'm done with my backlog, the prices will surely drop during the summer sales.

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