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Lord Blackbolt

Sep 25, 2002
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Well I was reading some old Suicide Squad back issues and it came to me....I think this would be a awesome live action TV show. Sort of like, the dirty dozen meets the a-team with superpowers.

Those not familar with the comic series, it's basically D and C list villains forced to team together by the government to basically do sucide missions for the government and if they survive they get free from prison. But even though most of the criminals were bad most weren't you did mostly liked them.

The team usually stared Clock King, Deadshot, Cap. Boomarang and others. There was also a JLU episode that was totally kick ass with them too.

And they could do flashback episodes for various criminals about their life before getting captured to bring some variety to the series. And since the comic series usually had a revolving cast of characters, the show will always be fresh cause there's always a new character to introduce to the show.

Oh well....I guess it's just a pipe dream. I'd much rather a live action show like this.....instead of Aquaman. Personally I think there's way more potential for a series here.
*sigh* We're back her again. Ain't we. Ah, such memories. How I'd do it:

The show would, as the comic, be a bunch of criminals, super powered and non super powered, taking on suicide missions. It would be very violent, dark, with alot of bodies. Not going to be on the WB. Maybe Fox. The cast I would have is:

Deadshot: Micheal Rosenbaum
Rick Flagg: Adam Baldwin
Amanda Waller: CCH Pounder
Count Vertigo: James Marsters
Captain Boomerang: Paul Hogan
Bronze Tiger: J. Augustus Philips
Killer Frost: Eliza Dushku
Parasite: Alan Tudyk
Plastique: Portia de Rossi

The first episode would start out with the characters being recruited from jail. The most noteworthy bit would be with Captain Boomerang in Iron Hights, where we see the actors who played comic villains in the Flash TV show (Michael Champion, Mark Hamill, and David Cassidy) sitting at a table together and talking about their glory days and "that damned freak in red spandex."

The villains on the show, for the most part, would be terrorists, drug lords, and third world dictators made up for the show. However, we would occasionally see semi well known DC baddied like Kind Nadda of the Kobra cult. A semi re ocurring villain would be Deathstroke (played by Ron Pearlman), who would be a mercenary/assasin for hire that the team sometimes crosses paths with. make it sound so much more nicer. :( I think there's dozens of good DC comics that would be awesome TV shows.....why they're siting there dead.....makes me put into they even deserve the rights to these concepts.
Yeah. There are so many DC properties that don't even have comics right now that would make sweet shows. I'd love to see a Young Justice show of some sort.
The Question, of course, would be a great show. Gritty crime drama with deep philisophical points, but not without a sense of humor. Jonah Hex would be a perfect action western show. Bat Lash would have to be a reocurring character.
^^^Oh yeah, definately get Bat Lash in there. I would like to be more serial than the new version of the comic. The comic is fun and good but there is no story. it is just a series of events in his life. i would like an adventure every once in a while.

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