World Super Duper Wall Crawln' Spandex Glory


Mar 13, 2013
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Trying to make a suit that would allow someone to wall crawl. Theres alot of tech out there that would allow you to do this. The best I've seen is call gekskin.
Cant buy right now, but we sure can try to recreate the basic concept. Mabey we could use static electricity, or fiber optics. Any ideas?
oops, posted on the wrong thead, ignore that. Geckskin won't be out for about a year, but look it up. Its thin, flexable, dirt cheap, and a piece the size of a notecard can lift 75 pounds!!!!!!!
hey guests, I can see you two. yeah you. Sign up and post already!! don't wait 2 years like I did!!!
Been working on theory for this myself. Been thinking about using H2O/Mg heterogeneous (obviously) solution being shot out as a vapor, mixed with some kind of enzyme. This will stick to the wall with the adhesive powers of H2O and the enzyme, and stay together with the cohesive powers of the enzyme and the Hg. Thing about this, there will be no sticky residue, considering it's vaporized. If not, Gecko Tape will hit the markets relatively soon, although it really only works fully on a completely smooth surface. We could look into Hydrogen Bonding.
hmmm, since enzymes are only catalysts, you would have to have a strong bondant with at least a relatively fast reaction time. But what about when you run out of this stuff in the middle of the wall on a 33 story building? An the reaction would eventually have to end so you have to go fast. Can't think of an enzyme at the moment that would help you with that, but who knows. Also, I've hear that some people used super-sticky surface tension with water that shot out of gloves to clime, activated by electricity. I don't think this would work on anytthing bigger than a water spider though. As with H bonds, I have no idea.
i don't really know to much about the topic, but one in youtube i saw a guy who had this wooden squares which some sort of device that used electricity to bond to walls i'll try to find the video, but that thing was very very cool.
I like the way you are making other spiderman products elxiah, keep it up!

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