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Comics Superman Comic Help...


Aug 31, 2004
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I haven't read a Superman book since I was kid, I would like to start again and read only one title... which is the one I should read? I mean that in terms of continuity (with the rest of the universe) and quality, I'd prefer to only read the definitive Superman book right now.
I dont think there is one definative book you could read, there are so many good one's, and it hard to keep them in continuity also, so i will just name a few i thought were brilliant:

The Death Of Superman
For Tomorrow (Volume's 1 and 2)
Superman: Exile
Superman: Godsend
Superman: Sacrifice
Kingdom Come
I'm sorry, I meant current titles that are running right now, I know there is Superman, All Star Superman, Superman Confidential, Superman/Batman and Action Comics... quite a lot. I mean among those, which should I read.

Thanks though!
You could try each of them and see what you like. Or you could get the TPBs (of the earlier issues) or borrow them if your library has any. There's Wikipedia that may have more information and the Superman Homepage does comic reviews. The new ones are listed on the News Page or First Page. So you can see what you might like.

Superman's titles aren't really too good for looking for a set continuity at the moment; their status in the current continuity of the DCU are all kind of loosey-goosey. However, "Justice League of America" is probably your best bet, if you can settle for a book that doesn't have Superman as its main character, but rather as one of a team of main characters.


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