Superman-related news for The Batman Season Five


Mar 7, 2005
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From Comicscontinuum:

Veteran voice actor Lex Lang told The Continuum he recently recorded several roles for the first two episodes of Kids' WB!'s new season of The Batman.

"I did the voices of Metallo, Clayface and the mayor," Lang told The Continuum. "And in the second episode I did the voice of a slacker dude who helps Superman get some Kryptonite off of him."
Lang said he lowered the register of his voice for Metallo and expects a computer enhancement to fit the character. According to Lang, George Newbern is reprising his Justice League role of Superman and Clancy Brown is returning as Lex Luthor. Brown also voiced Mr. Freeze on The Batman.
So is this suppose to start a spin off series for Superman or something? If so where does that leave the Legion? Is Supergirl suppose to take over or something?
I hope supergirl doesnt take over. The show would just get boring without superman.
I hope a new Superman show begins. But then again, maybe a JLA is planned after season five. I see LoSH as just what it is, a Legion show. They said that the Superman in S2 won't be the same we're seeing in S1. So if I'm thinking right, maybe LoSH is a Legion show which each season focusing on the team teaming-up with a member of the Superman Family. A Young Superman for season 1, with a much experience Superman for S2.

EDIT: Wait, wait. I remember sending an e-mail to WB about improving what was done in Season 3 (at the time). One of the things I said was putting Superman in The Batman and thus leading to a new show of Superman/Batman, instead of doign another Superman show.

Maybe, just maybe, they're doing a Superman/Batman that I requested for.
Or maybe they already had plans to put Superman in there....
I' m glad Clancy Brown returns as Lex Luthor! THAT's clever, that's gooood!
I would love to see a new Superman series from the same team that started up "The Batman." I think Supes' world fits more into their style and direction, and it's about time he had his own show once again.
I' m glad Clancy Brown returns as Lex Luthor! THAT's clever, that's gooood!

Yeah Clancy and Mark Hammill brought us the definitive Lex and definitive Joker IMO.

I'm also glad he's returning.

I hope a Superman spin off series is in the works but I haven't heard anything about it.

I don't think The Batman is as good as BTAS, but that could just be my age as I think BTAS was my generation's Bat Toon and The Batman is this generations.

I think it deserves respect just for lasting five seasons, since few animated shows manage that and a couple of episode I've seen I really enjoyed like The Everywhere Man.

Personally I hope they make a Superman spin off and then a Justice League spin off, let's take the whole DC animated tour all over again:cwink: .
i quite like the idea of reprises as long as people don't hope it turns into dcau which it isn't

i quite like it being separate myself but i guess there are more than voices to still keep the characters different

it's a real shame that dcau swiped up a lot of decent voice actors...

saying that, i really dig the batman's voices for bruce and bats as well as joker and the mayor and dick and commisioner gordon.
I think it would be better to just get new VAs. I mean, it'll be great seeing Clancy's Lex again, but I'd much rather see a new voice. Who knows how they're gonna play it. They took the Schumacher Freeze, so whats to say they wont take the Donner/Singer Luthor?
any concept art for superman yet?

this was just for fun by a "the batman" artist

Is the show going to be called "THE SUPERMAN" or something?
i''ll say in bold this time


theres nothing to worry about........for now

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