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Superman Returns Superman Returns - Blogs, Teaser, & Trailer Mix


Nov 1, 2004
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There are no Dialogue Scenes except for the last Scene (it should be obvious which I used). I did not use the Luthor Scene. Basically this starts out with the WB, & Legendary, & DC Logos with the Main Theme as Music. Then the Main Teaser Starts & throughout the entire thing is the Superman Main Theme. Then we cut to the Last Dialogue Scene & then the S Logo. Basically what I wanted to do was take what Footage I can & do something using the Main Theme because I HATED the way they used the Main Theme in the Full Trailer. This is more of a show them how it is done type thing. It is in mpg format.


http://www.sendspace.com/file/t1n2n6 Mix.mpg[/url
Whats the program you use to do this DNSK? Windows Movie Maker?
Took forever to download. Music doesnt sync well with the scenes, but I really enjoyed seeing all that footage edited together. Thanks Dnsk.
thats very good dude..i think a little work and we have a super trailer dude.
I'd definitely be willing to help with this if you do wanna make a full fledged supertrailer. I'm pretty good at music editing. for example--I cut the music together for this Star Wars Prequel supertrailer

So if you wanna take another crack at this, I'll see if I can slap together some music for you :)

Straight off the top--the aspect ratio was kinda screwy, I don't know if you remembered to re-encode in widescreen. And there was a REALLY rough audio edit at the beginning. You're proficient with Adobe, but some of the shot placements seemed odd--but you definitely had the last 15 seconds planned out to the T. I think if you did an actual supertrailer you'd put more planning in, as you said.
Nice to have all that footage together in one video. Be really cool to see the nice polished supertrailer :up:

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