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World "Superman Returns" The Video Game


Green Lantern's roommate
Oct 17, 2003
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I'm not sure if I should have posted this here or the products section.

I just bought the game yesterday. First thing I noticed: NO FRIGGIN' JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE!! WTF?! :cmad: Made me a bit upset, but I played the game anyways. The graphics were okay..reminded me of "City of Heroes" if it you started the game on "safe" mode. Sometimes his cape would merge with his shoulder. The gameplay was pretty cool, but got kind of repetitive after your 6th mission battling metallo robots. What did you guys think of the game?
Well, first off, this really belongs in the 'Products' Forum.

But to answer your question, SR the game was incredibly frustrating. The flying controls were a lot of fun, but they don't give you anything fun to do. You don't even get to do anything from the movies. No plane-crash, no Kryptonite Island, no nothing. Just a bunch of generic Metallo robots and dragons. Snore.

You really could make a great game out of what they were attempting, but the whole thing is just half-finished and shoddy.
I thought it was terrible. I sold my copy. Instead of fighting dragons they could have added something more fun.
Are you guys talking about the current gen or next gen version?
I have the PS2 version.

Like Ultimate Spider-Man and Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, it is like Grand Theft Auto with a superhero.

Imagine a game where you play Clark, you have to go around the city, free roaming, to investigating crimes. Every so often there is a random disaster or a crime somewhere, and you have to change to Supes and get there asap to save they day. You could play that game for ever. That's what Superman Returns should have been.
I could go on for hours about what the game should have been, but the bottom line is that the game should have been fun, and it just plain isn't.
Yeah, it was a letdown that there was no Official soundtrack, but at least with the XBOX 360 version you can use your own music so I just connected my Ipod with the Superman Returns soundtrack on it and it was alot better.

If only the missions were a little less repetitive......You can only fight so many Dragonmen and Robots until you end up just flying around the city to see what else you can pick up and throw.
I'm amazed the cast of the movie did voice-overs. Do you think it was in their movie contracts they had to provide voices for the game? Because I can't see the likes of Kevin Spacey lowering himself otherwise.
I've always wanted to ask about the actor voice-overs. Since I'm not a gamer myself, could someone who played this game list the lines the actors had to say in the game? I remember seeing a SR fan music vid long ago that used a clip or two of Brandon's from the game (I noticed because I didn't recognize them from the movie) but beyond that I've no idea what kind of lines the characters had. Especially Superman.

Does anyone remember? And are they just one-liners? Thanks!

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