Support Breast Awareness: Buy An Xbox360!!!


Nov 13, 2002
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PORTO SALVO, Portugal — April 17, 2007 — Microsoft Portugal today launched a High Performance Computing Lab for the development of Hipercâmbio - High Performance Computing Applied to Medical Data and Bioinformatics – a project designed to support breast cancer scientific research in Portugal.

Located at the company’s head office at Porto Salvo, the main purpose of the Hipercâmbio Project, the first project emerging from the Microsoft Portugal HPC Lab, is to apply HPC technologies to breast-cancer research. Founded on a partnership between Microsoft and the University of Beira Interior, the project aims to enable the processing of high-volume medical data associated with breast cancer among Portuguese women by developing parallel and scalable processing algorithms.

With a minimum three-year duration in view, the Hipercâmbio Project – currently led by a team of four people, including two in-house Ph.D. students – is geared toward improving and providing a more accurate process for the automatic identification of breast cancer patients. By initiating this project, Microsoft Portugal marks a significant contribution to the early detection of beast cancer. Research in this field depends heavily on the ability of technology to process high volumes of medical data, and the use of HPC and parallel processing algorithms are particularly suited for this endeavor. Microsoft Portugal and the University of Beira Interior expect to arrive at the first set of scientific results, subsequently published in magazines and specialty conferences, during the second year of the project.

Take that Folding@Home! You're going down! :word:
When I get my 360, I'm going to ask the cashier at Best Buy if part of my payment will help Microsoft in it's fight against breast cancer.
Talking to Best Buy cashiers is about as eventful as conversing with a pencil...

Although, total hotness... I could barely even blurt out "thank you" to Miss You-Are-Naked-In-My-Head
Well, talking to any cahsier is. But I'd just do it to see their reaction.
I have an Xbox 360, but I was aware of breasts long before then.
This will bring more females to Xbox Live and the gents will show manners.
lol, is this a joke? folding@home researches SEVERAL diseases, including cancer.

its good but not as succesful or effective as folding@home.
lol, is this a joke? folding@home researches SEVERAL diseases, including cancer.

its good but not as succesful or effective as folding@home.

Ah yes, but folding makes one think of origami, and origami < breasts. :o

Either way, the folding@home thing seems like a lame add-on to the PS3 that served to allow certain people to try and justify their $600 purchase as "doing their part". :csad:
Folding@home on Xbox 360 would probably be more effective for killing Xboxes than saving human lives.
Boobs nationwide have increased in mass by 12% thanks to this. Hopefully by next year that number can double.
Damn....i´m portuguese, and i didn´t knew that.

Good for Portugal and Microsoft :up:
Now I wish I got good grades so I could've gone to med school and be a breast cancer doctor :csad:
Why was Blas posting pictures of men? :confused:
Actually, though I usually don't find Blas' choice of women appealing, he had a few good ones in there.
Actually, you're...

...right. :eek:
Mods are moving in and we're getting harvested. Say goodbye to half these dear spammers while they can still hear you.
Hey my "Daniel Craig plays Halo" thread is gone!! I liked that thread! :mad:
Hey the "Call of Duty 4 Matches" thread is gone!!!! :down

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