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No Limits
Jul 18, 2004
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The first in Dario Argento's "thematic trilogy". followed by Inferno and a soon to be released third.
Anyway, Suspiria, love it? Hate it? Never seen it? Post.
Loved it! Big Argento fan and have most of his films. I thought the third film was already out??

Oh yeah, Goblin rocks! A bit on the cheesy 70's synthasizer side but I still enjoyed thier scores to some of his films.
yeah i love it as art, and it works on some sort of bringing you back to childish fears level aswell. and the score's just creepy on it's own. i like to hum it walking down dark alleys. inferno isn't as good with only the underwater sequence really holding up. still looking forward to the third mother, mother of tears or le terza madre.
I like Suspiria, but I feel Profondo Rosso is much, much more interesting.
I love Suspiria. I think the scariest sequence is at the very beginning, when you see the girl running from the school thu the woods. That's pure nightmare.
Love Suspiria, but Deep Red is my favorite Argento film.
For me the scariest sequence is right at the end where that apparition appears.

The razor wire scene is fun too.
"Mother of tears" is crap. Avoid it.
Did you get the Blue Underground edition of Suspiria? I worked on the extras for that edition.
I think Suspiria is an amazing film, it's truly a chilling film.
glad to get so many responses. this is a really great flick, one of Argento's best. my favorite part is the score, it's incredble, and you can really see how the use of it really influenced John Carpenter in the use of his score for Halloween. my favorite sequence in the film has to be a tie between the first murder in the apartment building and the chase scene in the dance academy hallway. the first one is just so shocking and horrific when you don't know what's coming, and the chase is dripping with suspense.
Did you work on the Blue Underground edition of "Deep Red" as well?
We did a very long interview with Argento for all the movies that were to be released by Blue Underground. For Suspiria we also interviewed Luciano Tovoli, the DoP.
And Claudio Simonetti too.
Blueberry- why does Mother of Tears suck?

Does it not have any female nudity or gore?

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