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Feb 16, 2004
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I've been thinking of getting it for some time, but with the Donner cut coming out I don't know if I should wait or not. Will it make the current edition obsolete? If not, I'll get both versions, assuming Lesters' isn't included.

Crap, left an "o" out of the title of the thread.
definitely forget the current version - whatever comes out will be much better.

AFAIK, the stand-alone edition that's coming out is a new version of the theatrical cut - you won't be able to buy the "Donner" cut by itself. I think.
I bought the Superman box set back when they came out and I might keep them for nostalgic purposes.
I guess this a good thread to post this...
This isn't anything new or really important, but on the Year of Superman site, they list "Superman II- TVYNS (The Richard Donner Cut)"

I dont know if anyone else has brought this up, but I'd bet that TVYNS is "The Vision You've Never Seen"

again, not important, but a little marketing tidbit.
Do we have an approximate date of release for the Donner cut? A general idea?

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