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TDKR hot toys Batman 1/4th vs 1/6th


Jun 27, 2012
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Sup guys I'm looking for 2nd opinions on which one to get. Any suggestions. Pros and cons would be nice.
pros: bigger, more detailed, more accessories
Cons :bigger (takes up a lot of space) Hella expensive, I predict at least 500 bucks
I mentioned the size twice, because whether it's a pro or a con depends on an individual's situation, whether you have room for such a large figure or not. I would love to have the 1/4th size figure, but I don't have the room, and I can't even afford the smaller 1/6th scale figure let alone one that likely costs twice as much. I'll just have to be satisfied with the Hot Toys DK Batman I do have (MMS71).
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I like the 1/4th just because of the joker mask, bane mask and scarecrows mask. Might just stick with the 1/6th..thanks man
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All I know is, both are too expensive. :D

The 1/4 has a lot of cool accessories but the 1/6 has both guns and those mouth piece things, may as well stick with it?

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