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Tell Everyone Bit About Yourself....


Aug 10, 2007
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There's probably already a thread for this, feel free to merge it if there is.

Now the questions are:

First Name:
Meaning of your username:
Favourite Film:
Favourite Comic:
Hobbies/ Interests:
Random Fact:

I'll start you guys off.
First Name: Joshua

Username: Monster

Meaning of your username: As I'm normally annoying on the boards, I thought I'd go with it. I was previously QGen which was my film production unit but we disbanded.

Country: England

Favourite Film: Saw 3

Favourite Comic: Batman

Personality: Normally friendly, quite perverted at times, nevertheless I'm always up for conversation.

Hobbies/ Interests: Computer games, music and ice hockey.

Random Fact: I have an obsession with saying the word "Or" after asking a question.
First Name: James

Username: Ash J. Williams

Meaning of your username: It's the protagonist from the Evil Dead movies, but most o' you already knew that.

Country: United States

Favorite Film: Evil Dead 2

Favorite Comic: Pretty much anything Ninja Turtles-related.

Personality: Random, funny, kind, and usually relaxed.

Hobbies/Interests: B movies/cult horror films, music, comics, drawing, and cowboy action shooting.
you should include a random fact question, those are always the most interesting to read.
First Name: Tommy

Username: Majik1387

Meaning of your username: That's calssified information on a need to know basis.:o

Country: USA

Favourite Film: I don't really know, I got a long list.

Favourite Comic: The Walking Dead

Personality: I have many. :yay:

Hobbies/ Interests: Music, Art, Dancing, Theatre, Movies, Fashion, Games/Sports

Random Fact: I felt like I was filling out a personals ad when I filled this post out.
First name- David

I was born, I'm alive and will eventually die. The rest is just little details
First Name: Andrew
Username: DarknessofDeath
Meaning of your username: Classified
Country: Canada
Favourite Film: Too many to choose from
Favourite T.v show: Alias
Personality: Funny, random, relaxed - laid back kinda guy,
Hobbies/ Interests: Hiking, writing, reading, movies, tv
Random Fact: Im a sucker for cute stuff...and I crush on Jennifer Garner who is the cutest of cute stuff.
First Name: Matthew. But then again it's just really 'Matt', to be honest.

Username: Sugarculted...

Meaning of your username: Well, I bummed the band years ago. Now, not so much...but, it's got that ring to it. I like it.

Country: England.

Favourite Film: Pulp Fiction/Battle Royale/Wayne's World. The three films I couldn't be without.

Favourite Comic: Toughie, ya know. I might go with Invincible from Image. But, if I was to pick a Marvel comic, my favourite series was the first run of Runaways. My favourite character is pretty evident, really.

Personality: Apparently, funny. I hardly ever get very upset. I'm happy, funny and pretty laid back. Which, isn't always the best thing. I hardly get around to the things I should be doing.

Hobbies/ Interests: Collecting anything to do with comics. I like to draw and write, and when it begins to get sunnier again, I cycle now and then. I've so got to cycle...the lack of exercise is showing :o

Random Fact: I've had a few incidents with water. I can't swim. I don't want to swim. I hate water.
First Name: Adam

Username: GuardianofOa

Meaning of your username:Um, it's a Green Lantern thing.

Country: United States

Favourite Film: Too many to choose from. Uh, The Outsiders.

Favourite Comic: New Gods (Kirby)

Personality: Witty, too kind, romantic

Hobbies/ Interests: Drawing, writing (music, poetry, short stories), playing in a band

Random Fact: I once won the county spelling bee, but couldn't go to state due to sickness
First Name: James

Username: SpideyVille007

Meaning of your username: (Spidey) + Small(Ville) + James Bond(007)

Country: USA

Favourite Film: Spider-Man 2

Favourite Comic: the early Spider-Man comics

Personality: Usually shy, quiet and keep to myself, but talk to me about something i like and i'll never shut up

Hobbies/ Interests: Drawing, playing baseball

Random Fact: I have class in an hour but i'm not going /c my professor is getting surgery
First Name: Andy

Username: eggyman

Meaning of your username: Like Batman but with eggs instead of bats

Country: England

Favourite Film: That's a tough one. Here's a few possibles: Empire Strikes Back, The Shining, Vertigo, Donny Darko

Favourite Comic: Batman - The Long Halloween

Personality: F----in' awesome

Hobbies/ Interests: Playing guitar, reading, writing, sexing

Random Fact: I have a third nipple. True story
First Name: Colin

Username: eggyman

Meaning of your username: Like Batman but with eggs instead of bats

Country: England

Favourite Film: That's a tough one. Here's a few possibles: Empire Strikes Back, The Shining, Vertigo, Donny Darko

Favourite Comic: Batman - The Long Halloween

Personality: F----in' awesome

Hobbies/ Interests: Playing guitar, reading, writing, sexing

Random Fact: I have a third nipple. True story
First Name: William
Username: William_C
Meaning of your username: The C stands for Confidential
Country: USA
Favourite Film: Star Wars Return of the Jedi
Favourite Comic: Batman The Long Halloween
Personality: I think I have a good one. I'm easy to get along with, sense of humor, can take jokes, and trustworthy
Hobbies/ Interests: Photography, reading, playing games, drawing, parties, visiting old teachers
Random Fact: I've helped a pig give birth
First Name: Richard

Username: Team Richard

Meaning of your username: Not much

Country: England

Favourite Film: Brick

Favourite Comic: Batman: Year One

Personality: Critical & Paranoid

Hobbies/ Interests: Playing the drums, reading

Random Fact: I'm a descendant of Greek pirates
First Name: Shaun
Username: Dorian Gray
Meaning of your username: Title of a book
Country: U.S.A
Favourite Film: Hard to say
Favourite Comic: I don't read comics, not since I was 12
Personality: Loyal, Honest, a little high strung, and impatient.
Hobbies/ Interests: Martial Arts, Boxing, and woodworking
Random Fact: I always seem to end everything with "Ya know?" when I'm talking.
First Name: raybia
Username: raybia
Meaning of your username: a dream
Country: USA
Favourite Film: Vertigo, Godfather I & II, The Matrix
Favourite Comic: Batman
Personality: mild mannered, humorous, kind, sometimes moody,
Hobbies/ Interests: movies, video games, reading, lifting, bike riding
Random Fact: I LOVE PIE
First Name: Nick

Username: Dangerous

Meaning of your username: It's my surname

Country: England

Favourite Film: Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!

Favourite Comic: The Amazing Spider-Man

Personality: Good cop / Bad cop

Hobbies/ Interests: Superhero comics and movies :wow:

Random Fact: I love Mr Kipling's Viennese Whirls, but never eat them because they are so high in saturated fat.


The French Fancies which I also love, do not suffer the same affliction- so I eat them instead.

First Name: David

Username: Kipobe

Meaning of your username: I used to be Killa Pooh Bear (long story), and as inflation went up, cuts came, so I just took the first two letters of each name. Therefore, the name "Ki-Po-Be" is three separate syllables, paying homage to the once three separate words.

Country: Currently, America

Favourite Film: Uh... Usual Suspects... Goodfellas... Good Will Hunting... The Godfather... Fight Club... Edward Scissorhands. I can't pick one.

Favourite Comic: Spider-Man, no question

Personality: Generally and unanimously excellent, and very humble.

Hobbies / Interests: Listening to, and creating music (specifically orchestrated music), basketball, controlling your universe, travelling (haven't done much recently), building things. Also, I'm highly interested in the law... I should've been a lawyer.

Random Fact: Once, I was on Talk Soup back when John Henson hosted. Not me, just my voice. He danced to a song I wrote for him.

Nice idea and Avvy Monster. Anyway:


First Name: Stuart (although I hate it and prefer being referred to by surname)
Username: A.J.Rimmer(BSC)
Meaning of your username: I love Red Dwarf
Country: England
Favourite Film: Too many too mention, and it depends on my mood so either Back to the Future, Fight Club or The Fountain.
Favourite Comic: Again too many, but I'll go with Watchmen
Personality: Easy going, although can be a bit antisocial and when pushed, burning rage erupts from all my holes.
Hobbies/ Interests: (Non American) Football, Films, Games.
Random Fact: I suffer from "Lax Joints" in almost every joint in my body which is rare. That means I now get sports injuries easily, but can outbend Mr Fantastic.
First Name: Butters
Username: Stotch
Meaning of your username: .........
Country: USA
Favourite Films: Fight club, South Park, Bram Stoker's Dracula
Favourite Comic: Batman
Personality: Butters and Damien spliced
Hobbies/ Interests: Sleep, Photography, and sleep.
Random Fact: I'm wearing a leather jacket as I type this : /

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