The Alien, Monster and Mutant Tournament Thread.

Hannibal Smith

Jan 14, 2010
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Hello hope everyone is having a nice day. Anyway's i know 3 posts and am ready to do a tournament. But its very easy to make something fun.

The tournament is as thus i shall take aliens, monsters and mutants from film and lets see who can win.

Round One Will Have Alien VS Aliens.
Round Two will Have Monsters vs Monsters.
Round Three Will have Mutants and Comic Inhanced Beings.
Round 4 we mix them all up then and adventally have a winner after that in last few rounds

The Alien, Monster and Mutant Tournament Thread.

Round One Battle 1.

Jabba The Hutt.


Sand People

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I like them both and Jabba will probably win, but I have a soft spot for the Sand People so I'll go with them.
Sand people for always like how in that scene they are attacking Luke and make that noise and shacking there spears high.
Easily startled, but hunt in packs.

A group of them should have no trouble taking down the fat space slug lol.

Sand People.
Jabba, and he wouldn't even have to show his fat face.

Also, this tournament is sorely unbalanced.
The Crystal Skull aliens seemed to have better tech, but the bug is just nasty. I'll give this to the guy that swallowed Tommy Lee Jones.
Gonna vote Crystal Skull alien for well he looks like could make your heart burst by staring at you or something.

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