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[] The Box []

The Spawn

Better Than You
Aug 10, 2002
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If you found a box on your door step that was filled with money every time you opened it after closing it, would you keep it and use it?

How about if someone you didn't know died every time the box was opened?
eh, people die every day . i'd get rid of it after a while if i had enough money ,i would stop opening it. where can i get one of these boxes??
I looked at the poll results before looking at your post and knew you were gonna say that after being the first to vote "yes"...people do die every day though.
NO!! KILLING PEOPLE IS EVIL!!:cmad: :cmad: :cmad:


Actually, as long as I don't know the people about to die from my greed, I'd probably re-use it as many times as I needed it.
if i didnt know them... i wouldnt feel as bad. if it was someone i knew.. then i definitly wouldnt open the box
hmm.........how big is this box?? how much money would i get every time i open this box?
I would dig up Richard Matheson's grave and bury the box with him.
Cool avatar/title Lighthouse.. :p

and I think I'd go insane eventually if money kept re-appearing in a box like that.

how would I know the deaths were connected to the box?
Rod Serling. He thinks he's so great, just because he can spontaneously appear anywhere in the universe and give insightful commentary on the human condition.
True, people die every day, but not by my hand. No amount of money is worth life. I'd destroy the box.
How big is the box? Yeah sounds bad, but hey, at least its the truth.
How about if someone you know died every time the box was opened?

How about someone like your mother and father. Each time you use the money, they end up getting a heart attack and stroke. :)
I'd wait till the movie comes out and see how Cameron Diaz deals with it. Her and Cyclops.
I'm fairly selfish, so I'd use the box one time, and one time only. Then I'd mail it to someone else.
The question is non sensical because it has too many parameters that were not discussed. I voted yes before I saw that a person diesbut the question is then how do I know about the death. if it is someone close then the box would have to be destroyed. Otherwise, the honest answer i that it depends on what amount we are talking about and the consequences for me and my conscience.
Too many parameters? That is not a parameter...

You've been given the situation....you KNOW someone dies every time you open the box.

You know the box has money it.

This is not a trick question, only a hard one.

These are the box dimensions:


And the only bills it holds are $100's.

After the very first time you use it, you get a visit from a man who tells you the so called 'consequences'.

Making the victims people you know makes the question too easy.
That's not so much a box as it is a small trailer or a storage unit.

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