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The Career Thread


Nov 4, 2006
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Here we can talk about jobs (or rather complain about our jobs), divulge secrets, give advice, and you know discuss stuff (career-related)

Right now, i'm only 17, but i'm thinking about having some kind of computer related major
I was in Food and Beverage for about 7 years at hotel here in Dallas. I quit about 9 months ago to be a stay at home dad. Best decision I ever made.
...Shoe Department Manager :o

Hey, it's a decent job for a full-time college student.
^ And you can score chicks.

As for me, I'm thinking of pursuing a career in either journalism or photography.
I'm a military photojournalist right now, but I'm not considering a career for either.

Don't know what I want to do.:huh:
Senior Systems Analyst for Hospitality Software and Hardware.
we should all rob a bank together

no real names

just screen names

well only meet once

the day of the robbery

then well split the cash and go our separate ways
Military Intelligence Analyst. Still too new at it to know if I want to pursue it as a career or not (whether in the army or in the civilian world)
I worked at my campus bookstore for about...3 weeks. Now I don't have to work there again till May.:o:(:D Anyhoo, my major's mass communications.:up:
I'm the Art Director for a major cigar manufacturer. It's really just a fancy title for artistic corporate b-tch. :up:
i'm a security officer for a DoD facility... i carry a gun, and get to sit around watching tv/movies and read the majority of the time i spend at work.

i'm a security officer for a DoD facility... i carry a gun, and get to sit around watching tv/movies and read the majority of the time i spend at work.


I miss my night security days. Surfing the net and working on my novel. :up:
I work at AMC Theatres, on my way to a big promotion hopefully. I've been working there for about 28 months. I'm majoring in Industrial Engineering and I've got almost 2 years left. I've also got a promising manufacturing internship at Ford coming up over the summer...They pay pretty well.

so being a security guard really is as boring as it seems?

I got a lot of personal stuff done. School work, writing, film editing on my laptop. At times I'd bring my PS2 in. I wouldn't call that boring.
I work at a Walgreens in downtown Chicago. Dealing with cranky old people, idiotic teens, and uppity foreigners all day; it seems like no matter hard I look for work in different areas I always end up being a clerk again.

It's got it's ups and downs, get to see a lot of asian chicks.
I work for an internet company in the correspondence department. My company basically helps people buy stuff cheaper on the internet. I usually spend my days answering emails about the memberships we have or people forgetting to use their discounts for purchases....its boring but the pay is decent and its like a 10 minute drive from my house. the good thing about working for a dot.com is that they arent about the pedigree(college degree) they are about finding the best person for the job
I'm a senior accountant working for a corporation in the health care industry.

Or, as I tell the kids in my Sunday School class (1st grade): I sit at a desk and do math problems all day.:woot:
chef and competitive eater.love food more than anything(sept my gal)

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