The Guild

I actually enjoy The Guild quite a bit although I quit watching midway through season 2. I'll try and catch up soon.
Season 2 ends with a bang. Season 3 looks interesting.

Season 3 is about a rival Guild in the area
Love this show. I get geeked out everytime there is a new episode. Season 3 is already starting out great!
I've seen the season 3 debut like 3 or 4 times now. Love this show. I just wish the eppys could be 8-10 mins long. Season 2 had at least two eppys that were 6-8 mins long.
I just watched all 3 seasons of this. First season was all right, but the second and third seasons are f***ing hilarious. I don't even play MMOs, either. :awesome:
I did. I watched the two Christmas specials and the Halloween special, too. All of which are awesome. :up:
Yeah, Zaboo's Ad-libs and Vork's inability to remember his lines was great.

I hope Microsoft continues to support them and deliver free content.
Wil Wheaton as the "evil" guild leader in season 3 really made my day. I saw him in the first episode and I was like "ooooooh snap!" :hehe:
Yeah, I said the same thing at the final scene of season 3. Also way the Bruiser decided to mess with Bladezz was horrible, awesome, and hilarious at once.
Yeah, that was incredible. I was laughing for like a full minute after that.

I'm actually watching the first season again now. I love that each episode is only like 8 minutes. I can watch the entire series in like 3 hours. :awesome:
Stumbled across this Interview with Felicia Day so I thought I'd share. There is a spoiler for season 3. You have been warned.

She talks about how she will release season 3 on DVD, The Guild comic book, and who she wants to bang in Mass Effect 2! :awesome:

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