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The Hype Advertisement ATTACK


Oct 28, 2011
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Seriously...does anyone else notice the advertisements on the site are getting really out of hand?
They have to pay the bills somehow. I just don't like how they auto expand when you roll over them with your mouse. Now I have to watch where the damn cursor is all the time. And they're friggin loud too. I always have multiple tabs going so it scares the hell out of me and I have to go through all my tabs to see what's blaring what...
AdBlockPlus does wonders for this site
please post screen caps so we can alert them to the offending ads. thanks
I often can't get onto threads because there are so many.
The ads are particularly bad if you're on a mobile device.
please post screen caps so we can alert them to the offending ads. thanks
I will do so the next time it happens to me on the mobile site. As much as I love Arkham City, I don't need a giant ad covering the entire screen telling me to get it.
By far the worst are the ads that embed themselves on every picture. Thought there was something suddenly wrong with my ipad 4, which always ran gifs no problem, then I realized the hype switched up their ads.
I hate the ones that come up that don't let you exit!

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