Auto-playing ads? Seriously?


Jun 4, 2002
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I don't post all that often, at least not until a project is coming out that I'm interested in, but you guys have seriously resorted to auto-playing sound advertisements? It's just insanely obnoxious. I don't block ads generally as they're part of the way that sites generate revenue, but I don't know how anyone can think this is at all acceptable.

I'm not sure where exactly I should have posted this but it's just ridiculous.
If you're gonna be conscientious and considerate and help the site make money by not blocking the ads, quit complaining about the ads. :argh:

Otherwise, Adblock. It works.
I don't want to deprive sites of revenue, and on the off-chance that it might be useful or I may be interested it's not so bad. I don't mind small banner ads and what-not but auto-playing ads with sound is just too far.
I've been getting them on my blackberry now - can't get abp on that. :(
Blackberry sucks....or not...I don't know s**t about Smartphones. :o
I actually started out using AdBlock Plus on Firefox as a form of self-defense against stuff precisely like this about three years ago. I frequented a forum hosted on the Yuku forum service for years, and then Yuku introduced video ads on every page of the forum that automatically played. I was on a bandwidth limit at the time, and it chewed up my 1 GB (yes, I was getting that shafted, that I had a 1 GB limit during any 24 hour period) really, really quickly.

When sites do stuff this obnoxious, what do they expect people to do, just do nothing and take it? YOU WILL LOSE AD REVENUE WHEN PEOPLE FINALLY GET FED UP.

Stick to text ads, maybe some banners, people.
like i say in every thread that pops up similar to this... we need screen caps so we can forward to tech support
Small Town Security is killing my soul.

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