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the killer vs. hard boiled

Mr Jide

Apr 9, 2005
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Both these awesome movies have inspired and been ripped off. Which do you think is the better John Woo/Chow Yun Fat collaboration?
What, aint none of you peeps seen these awesome flicks?
Tie for me. I love both of them. :up:
I've only seen Hard Boiled. That was insanity.
I really want to see The Killer.
The killer is a great film with some insane gun battles and even more amazing shoot outs. I'll have to end up rewatching both tonight to come to a decision, they're just both amazingly dircted movies with cool characters and breath taking shootouts. Right now, I think hardboiled has the edge solely because we've got chow yun fat and tony lueng working together.
Okay, who's the idiot who voted for them both being crap!?

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