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The lame-ass commercial thread


May 5, 2003
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Ever see something that makes you want to hurl,roll your eyes or just kill yourself?

Well I have.Those lame Freshdirect commercials.WTF is that!!??
Delvery guy comes to the home of (insert name of any has-been actor/actress,football player,singer,etc,here)
It's funny too because these folks can't take time out of their "busy" schedule to go to the grocery store but they know and we all know that they have not done a tv show or movie in well over a decade.Oh and by the way the delivery guy has to tell you everything that's in the box,just in case you forgot or better yet for the heck of it:rolleyes:

Are there any more lame commercials that just make you want to hit someone?
Post it!!!
The Quizznos commercials with the puppets and those voices.:(
Girl - "Any plans tonight"
Guy - "Gonna go home, check the fridge, warm something up (then he does something with his mouth & makes a noise) & watch the game

& the entire time the Girl is copying everything he says & does
Brinks home security.

Haha, those commercials are hilarious. That guy kicks the door in, alarm goes off and he runs away. Hahaha.

Then there's that commercial that shows some guy who looks like a badass with a scar on his face, and he says, "I'd always wanted to get a cool job," and it zooms out, then he says, "And now I've got one, as an air conditioning specialist!" Hahaha. It was for some college or something.
I don't know why, but I hate the programming schedule on Adult Swim.
JanG said:
The Quizznos commercials with the puppets and those voices.:(

They're not puppets, they're either hampsters, monkey heads or potato chips.
JanG said:
The Quizznos commercials with the puppets and those voices.:(
I loved those commercials! "Eat Quiznos subs!....we love your subs!"
The PSP commercials....someone needs to be shot over those.
Some cellphone commercial with a hockey team getting screamed at in the lockerroom at halftime. Some kid downloads a song on his phone and starts playing it. All the other players start stomping their sticks on the ground. Wat makes it terrible is that the players don't stomp with the beat because the song was obviously added after it was filmed.
MaskedManJRK said:
OLD NAVY. :mad:

'Nuff said.
Yes the old navy ones are terrible."Oooh old navy performance fleece"!!!,like you can't buy the same crap anyplace else.It's also cool because they even had the Jeffersons along for the ride.Oh yeah,like I'm supposed to buy old navy because George and Weezy said so:down
I HATE the Countrywide Home Loan commercials. They crank the volume up so friggin' high on them that they are unbearable. I have to mute the television whenever they come on.

The new Captain Morgan commercials, showing people putting their leg up in the air like the character on the bottle are pretty stupid as well.

ShadowBoxing said:
He will die...of high cholesterol don't worry

Yeah. Subway's bread will put him in an early grave.

Let's also throw in those horrid theater commercials that come before the trailers.Those "Pepsi girl" ones made me vomit.It was cute but it definitely got annoying after awhile.
Old Navy's commercials are all terrible. But Jared from Subway has surpassed them. Now I want to step on his neck till I hear a crack...I just want to hit the Old Navy people with my truck now. Not kill them....just severely wound.
Wanna fanta dontcha wanna!!!

I hated those too.These girls were popping up at any given moment.I wished they showed up in my bedroom;)

"If they did that anywhere else then I might have to take the soda and pretend that I'm going to drink it.Shake it and splash it their faces.Take that you annoying Fanta beyotches!!!
Geico commercials, anything w/ washed up stars on the Gap, those creepy Burger King ads, bad movie tv spots, those VW commercials that are hurting my idol-like view of Stomare, and any ad w/ catchy but horrible hooks that I'm going have stuck in my head for a few days.:(

I especially hate those damn Valtrex commercials. I don't personally know anyone who has Herpes, but I'm sure as hell that those who do are not out flying kites, going white-water rafting, and singing "It's a Brand New Day," just because they found a medecine that will hide their own stupidity for catching an STD.:o

*edit* I also agree w/ Proteus; those Fanta commercials were awful. Come to think of it. Most Soft Drink commercials are awful.
I haven't actually seen any of these ass commercials but I think I would like them. :up:
Dude show some love for the demented quizno commercials :)

Commercial that I despise...................those stupid energy hog ones. One has a teenage boy walking up to his fridge and a hideous hog head pops out the ice maker in the fridge door. uhhhhhhh*shudders*

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