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Sep 6, 2003
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In December, Image will release the first volume of The Next Issue Project, a new anthology dedicated to literally picking up where the Golden Age left off. Here, modern-day creators offer their own takes on the strangest, coolest, most downright crazy characters of the 1940s.

Newsarma are doing interviews with the creators, first up Mike Allred who is doing the Fletcher Hanks character Stardust.

This to me sounds like an excellent project and well worth looking at, I adore Golden Age characters crazier the better so promises to be a fun read and I can't in good faith pass up some Allred art.



Ahh,one of the many Golden Age projects of 2008.

It's been a while since I heard about this,should be cool.
Yup, I'm eagerly awaiting Allred's Stardust. If you've never read Fletcher Hanks' originals, you should try to find some scans, they're insane.

(psst, Yen, it's Hanks, not Hawkins)
My bad, I'll correct it :D

Not read the originals properly but I've seen bad scans from about the place and read up enough to know that this should be really good - it strikes me a lot like what is going on in Atomic Comics at the moment so well suited to Allred.
looks interesting.
[edit for redundancy]
Yank Wilson looks excellent.

Looking forward to seeing what people do with Captain Triumph - he's always been one of my favourite crazy Golden Age characters.
did you pick this up yet yena?

Bit too busy at work at the moment, not been able to get to the shop to get my comics.

But I'll see over the weekend.
Very impressive,this thing is huge.

Joe Casey's Flip Falcon story clocks in at only 6 pages,yet easily the most eerie,warped and sad thing I've read in some time,and yea,did I mention it's only 6 pages?Brilliant.

Allred's story with Stardust and the rest of the Superpowers crew was another short but sweet tale.

Some minor complaints...

Larsen's Samson story is borderline silly,I know this is an ode to the golden age and all,but really,the child services part was totally out of left field and very unnecessary

Ashley Wood's closing story took place in mostly german and was very incoherent story-telling wise,mostly black boxes filled with onomatopoeia and a figure appearing on the last page

Other than that,this was well worth the price tag.
Heh, Ashley Wood's art is always a bit incomprehensible. That's part of the fun of it for me.

Damn, now I really wish my shop had this. :(
lot of content, more than i expected. quite enjoyed it.
I was amazingly surprised how much I loved it.
This book is waiting for me to get a free moment to sit down and really really read it. Your reviews definitely make it sound worth wait.
It's really worth a read what they manage to do with the characters in such a small amount of pages is amazing.

I agree with GNR that Ashley Wood's story was rather incoherent (and I can speak German half well) but I'd disagree with Samson I thought Larsen got that story spot on adding his normal levels of humour to the character.

Everything was good though, Captain Kidd was fantastic, Stardust had a surprisingly good twist and Yank Wilson was really funny too.

Well worth a look, the price tag and it's a really nice thing to own. Image put a lot of effort into this.
The Samson story was pretty good and simple after I read it again a few times.

The book would have really benefited from losing the Ashley Wood story though,it totally did not fit in here.

Joe Casey's 6 pager was just madness,probably my favorite here.

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