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Aug 17, 2007
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Im a big Blue Beetle fan. Dont know if this character has one so i thought of starting one. I guess we should just talk about the character. Which Blue Beetle did you like? Dan Garrett? Ted Kord? Jaime Reyes? What do you think about him in Young Justice? How i got into the Blue beetle was DC's New 52. i wanted to get myself into a new character and i thought of reading The Blue Beetle. The power of the scarab is amazing.

I'm in the same boat man. Ted and Jaime both are awesome but I gotta choose Jaime cuz I haven't read much stuff with Ted. What I have I loved though. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold both have fast become two of my favorite characters
I love Ted and Jaime, but they're both essentially dead to me right now. Ted literally and Jaime in spirit, since what I read of his post-New 52 stuff was terrible.

I've been thinking of going back and re-reading the Giffen/Rogers run on Jaime's previous series, though. Those were some outstanding comics.
Ted Kord is in my top 5. He is one of the characters I could relate to the most
But he's at least in Threshold. Which needs to get off this dumb The Hunted storyline and into some space ****. And possibly hook up with Larfleeze or something
The Reach arc in Young Justice has been surprisingly gripping and fantastic. It's beginning to become somewhat stale though, but I can see the finale being worth the buildup of all season. Blue Beetle's story in YJ has been lightyears beyond anything happening to him since, probably, Infinite Crisis.

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