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Remember when Jubilee was sitting in class next to Rogue and Bobby and they don't let her speak? 😭

Gawd I have a love/hate relationship with those films.
There’s a lot to learn in terms of what not to do.

What a shame though. Lana is perfect casting. Massive missed opportunity. Not the only one too
Ben Hardy, Olivia Munn and Lana Condor all looked the part. I wish they just cast them in the present day period X-Men film and included them in the team. The ending of DOFP was so good and they could have finally adapt Blue and Gold squads.

Blue - Cyclops, the Wolverine, Rogue, Beast, Shadowcat + Psylocke, Jubilee
Gold - Storm, Jean, Iceman, Colossus, Bishop, the Professor + Angel

With the film acting as an introduction to Apocalypse, with the horsemen being saved for the sequel (Wolverine, Dark Beast, Archangel)
Yeah the apocalypse stuff really should have been its own trilogy. But! Different times! And we can’t live in the past.
I love Apocalypse. He is one of my favorite villains.

He ain't trilogy material.
X-Men '97 season 2 will be interesting!
Rule of three says trilogy is best though. So like this…

Movie 1 - sinister but he’s serving a sinister agenda (as servant of apocalypse)
Movie 2 - rise of apocalypse, lot of x-factor stuff here like Archangel
Movie 3 - age of apocalypse

Bit better than just collecting xmen like it’s Pokémon go before getting roasted in Egypt
Even in the MCU, I don't think I'd want a trilogy. And I will definitely not use Sinister as a servant of Apocalypse. I'd use Ozymandias for that.

Mr. Sinister should be a lead movie and his own master. I won't link him to Apocalypse. X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse already did that. :xmen:
Interesting how many outlets only mention the Hunger games prequel, when he also wrote movies like Macbeth (Fassbender) and the really great show The Little drummer girl (Florence Pugh), that I highly recommend.

My guess is: if Feige chose him over plenty of writers for such a coveted project, he must have had the best pitch, right?
Its cool to get some kind of news but the director announcement, whenever that happens, is what will really tells us the approach they're going with.
Ill get a better sense once I hear him talk about the X-Men. I rather liked the new Hungers Games.
I was just going to watch that movie last saturday night, but at the end went for a different film. Now I have to! lol
I will check it out his other projects too, lets not forget he wrote the scripts, he didnt direct the movies. so two completely different things.
Disney bought Fox in 2019... its been FIVE d*** years, lol. there is zero rush on this.
And Feige started having meetings last quarter of 2024, according to the first report. He has spent months and months searching. This wasnt a light choice, guys, lets be real. This is a very important project for Marvel Studios future, not a random tv show. This is the next big deal. So if Feige chose him, it must be for some solid reasons.
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Its cool to get some kind of news but the director announcement, whenever that happens, is what will really tells us the approach they're going with.

I mean, the writer choice is definitely an indicator of what they are looking for in a director.

Boy, sure glad all those who told me those choices were rumors and to calm down were extremely correct in their calls.
Well, we'll definitely get an announcement at SDCC. Or sometime this year.
I think SDCC is too early for anything meaningful, but we’ll see.
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Get ready for the casting rumours nightmare.
Haha. It’s going to be such a long, long road.
*literally any redhead*

Fans: is this the new jean grey?


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