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The Puppet Master


Dec 6, 2005
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Seriously, I really can't think of anything to say that would improve on the amazingness.

Although this did make me think of Master Chief?
elijah wood looks creepy with facial hair.

Elijah must die!
it might not be too long before he finds himself in one of those sequels.
You know whats better. Turn the volume down on the video, then play "Master of Puppets". The video improves 1000 times.
I've watched this like 4 times. There's something so sinister to this, but I can't place it.

Do the Puppet Master.:csad:
I love the character and set design on Yo Gabba Gabba.

It reminds me of the goofy Japanese live-action shows from the '70s, like Robocon:

Oh, dear Christ. This is the sort of thing I'm going to have to contend with as a parent, isn't it? Ugh.

holy s*IT I love thiS dance, LOL!! PUPPET mASTER!!

I love that green guy, his arms are so long, LOL!
And that orange dude with the one eye, LOOOL!!!
Whats his peripheralle vision like?
And the pink one is so round...they rule I want teddybears. :heart:
Now if Souljah boy was doing this dance, there would be a bunch of idiots out there like "oh man, that's the dance right there!" Then everyone would be doing it.
^That was insanely well done...:up:
PWN3R that makes me want to kill myself.
I won't stop you from doing your heart's desire, but first....raise your knee! Raise your other knee!

I won't stop you from doing your heart's desire, but first....raise your knee! Raise your other knee!


then commanding little girls to go crazy. that's the odd and sinister part for me that makes me go- "um, there's something not right about that."
Exactly! It also doesn't help that Elijah Wood looks like a professional child molester with that "beard".:csad:
Here I thought this thread was about the cult classic, but no. You give me pedo Elijah and little crazed girls.

I hate you all...:csad:

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