The Return of Powergirl

I. B. Abadman

Nov 1, 2003
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The funeral was symbolic.

The JLA, The Outsiders, all the true loners and part-time heroes turned out at the event hosted by the JSA, all paying last respects to one of their own, fallen in the neverending battle.

Barbara Gordon gave the Eulogy, standing on her own thanks to a pair of pants given to her by John Henry Irons.

After the Funeral the heroes hung together giving support to each other at JSA headquarters.

"She was like a little sister to me." This said by Superman while being scrutinized by his fiance Lana Lang.

"I appreciated her attitude and professionalism" Batman agreed from a corner.

" I'm gonna miss that body" gasped Major Disaster as he took an elbow in the ribs from Black Canary for looking down her dress she'd worn for the occasion.

"Pig" Added Canary.

The wake lasted more than two days as everyone who had a memory of her told interesting little stories.

"Remember when we found out that that nasty attitude of hers a couple of years ago was from the diet soda she drank?"
This From Booster Gold to BluE Beetle.

"Heh,.. Yeah,.. she almost beat you unconcious a couple times in JLE becuase of it." Blue beetle replied.

"I remember when we thought she was from Ancient Atlantis" said Aquaman.
" After thinking for Years that she was from Krypton" added Superboy.

When it all finally wound down, only the strongest were still there and they too took their leave to go back to their respective cities.

Superman was taking a shortcut back to Metropolis from New York Via Bagledash, ( Monsoon relief, Standard stuff), his mind still on Kara but now in the bittersweet of coulda / woulda / shoulda of lost opertunities when he was smacked from the sky and into a mountainside.

Being Superman, he wondered more on how than who so he scanned the area he'd forcebly vacated to find an extremly large machine floating where he'd been about to disperse the storm.

It appreared to be a spaceship,... his eyes being what they were he could see the heat trail straight as an arrow in complete disregard of the surrounding storm going straight up from where it floated.

As he rose back into the sky and watched,

A hatch opened on the side and a blue red and white blur whipped out of the ship and took up his position in the center of the storm and started to spin counter to it.
(Superfeat 101,.. Dispersing terrestrial storms, tornados and Waterpouts.)

It moved toofast for even he to get a clear picture - but the image caused the man of Steel to pause in surprise.

Except for the size it could've been,.............. Powergirl.

The person they had just had a service for.

As she finished and started to slow, Kal El slowly cruised up to float within 20 or 30 yards.

The girl, (He could now see it was a girl, maybe 12 - 14 years old) finished her spin facing away from him, he noted that she'd done it with her eyes closed.
(Probably in concentration?)

He cleared his throat prepatory to saying "Hello, Nice job,... who are you?"

It was enough to have her spin in place with her mouth open to say something which was immediately wiped from her mind on catching sight of him.


Superman found himself tumbling back at least a mile or so before he could gain control of the the tumbling mass of himself and the girl who was wrapped around him and crying in obvious relief.

She babbled and sobbed all over his costume. He let her cry, absently patting her back as he used his super senses to determine what she was. her scent was very familiar and she gave off a faint odor he'd only smelled on himself after strenous superheroing.

But sight, hearing and touch verified that she was real, female, and almost as durable as he was.

He shushed her to ask questions. The look of love was so strong in her eyes as she looked up at him that again he paused. This gave him time to feel and turn to face an approaching bow-wake of something moving at high speed.

"Hello Kal"

It was the Powergirl he remembered. The Powergirl that had just died saving the solar system, the Powergirl they had just had a service for.
Superman was stunned.


She looked exactly like he saw her last sans the burn't and bloody costume.
He was the one who'd found her tumbling in a slow retrograde orbit around Mars where she'd bounced off the Planet eater and sent it into the sun.

Not a hair out of place, she looked like she's spent a weekend on Mercury, instead of having died last week. she was tanned a shade or two darker than normal.

She smiled.
"Surprised to see me?"

In answer he flew closer, and gave her a complete scan with his super senses.

She quietly floated under the inspection, even taking a deep breath and moving closer while slowly turning around in place.

"I know I've lost weight, but I expect better treatment when I've been gone for six months husband."

If it were possible to be more suprised, Kal had crossed that bridge and found himself believing it had to be a dream.

Being someone with his abilities is to be hyper aware of his surroundings. Everything he was told him this was Kara wrapping herself around him and the girl-child still around his waist.

Kal-EL Flicked his eyes across the planet and into the ground where powergirl was buried.

Still there.

He gently untangled himself at superspeed and stopped a few hundred yards away.

"Who are You", he quietly asked while keying his JLA Emergency signal.
Both Powergirl and the Girl Superman assumed was her daughter looked surprised.

"Are you feeling okay husband?"

This was a more "submissive" powergirl than Superman was used to, he could actually see that she looked concerned, as if she had made a mistake.

"I'm just trying to determine who you are." he finally said after scanning her yet again.

The first to arrive was the Martian Manhunter and his wife the White Martian. They were Quickly followed by Wonderwoman, Five of the Flashes, and Superboy being dragged by his girl the Ray.

Easy to understand,... Anything Superman was going to use he JLA signalling device on in most cases was serious world threatening stuff.

All stopped and stared in shock at the two floating next to the Man of Steel.

Powergirl brought a hand up to her head in pain.
"OWWW,.. Johnz,.. Stop that!"

staggered in mid air,.. the Martian looked at the Kryptonian in surprise.

"She believes she is as she says,.. that is her daughter,... and you are her Husband."

Some of the old fire that they were used to seeing started flashing in Powergirls eyes. She moved up and back toward her craft keeping all in sight.
"I don't know what's wrong with you guys,.. I went back thru hypertime, saved our existence, and rescued my daughter from Degaton,..."

She stopped and placing her daughter behind her struck a pose also familiar as she brought her hands up to defend herself.

"I used the Carters Emotometer to both find my daughter and to return here,... and you guys act like you don't know what I'm doing here,.... KAL??? What's wrong?"

The Ray piped up,.. already seeing where this was going.
" JSA headquarters or JLA Moonbase?"

Superman locked eyes with "returned from the dead" Powergirl as he moved slowly toward her.

"The moonbase,.. I'll show them where it is."

The fire faded from her eyes, replaced by the subtle fear that superheroes sometimes share that maybe they didn't save the day this time.

On the moon, The Teen Titans coherced "powergirl" to come with them to their Annex on the moon, while Kara El,.. "PowerWoman" was sat down at the large meeting table in "her" chair which had been yet to be removed Between Superman and Wonderwoman.

When everyone had settled with their poison of choice,.. Jonz Jonnz wavved an Oreo at Kara before dipping it in Milk and saying:
"Lets start at the Begining,..Who is Degaton, and What is Hypertime?"
Raising an Eyebrow at first in her old "Are you kidding me?" look, that quickly faded and returned to her mildly aprehensive fearful look.

"Hypertime as explained to me by Doc Bloodfate" she began, "Is the universe as it really is. Anything that could happen, did happen, is happening in a large growing network of events that branch at key points."

"Like alternate worlds?" interjected Captain Marvel.

"Finer than that" She quickly replied, making it obvious that she'd explained it before.

Right now,.. there is no doubt other powerwomen, sitting at other JLA moonbases, explaining what the JLA had taught them in the first place.

"Some Powerwomen have red boots, some JLA members are out doing things, others don't exist at all."

On that last she went pale.

"This isn't my universe!" She gasped.

"Probably not", "No", "duh!", "unfortunetly" peppered her from all around the room,.. as she could feel a positive sense of elation flow out of the heroes gathered.
The sadness she'd first noticed on Supermans face before she'd spoken to him returned, she saw tears in the eyes of Yellow Raven and Ms. Miracle.

"What's wrong with you guys?" It's not like I'm here on purpose, I'll just try again,..It's obvious that the Emotometer might have been damaged."

If it were possible it got grimmer at the table.

She pointed at Steel.
"If John Henry here doesn't mind calling Hol and Shera Carter and lending a hand, I'm sure they can get me back on the right track."

Steel sighed and took off his helmet, exposing his face.
"Powerwoman,... I think it would be best that any heroes who's secret idenities you know not be mentioned? You just exposed mine,.. and based on who's not here, you are either talking about Batman and CatWoman, Hawkman and Hawkwoman, or The Atom and Proton."

Now she flushed in embarrassment.

"No big deal,... I was going to share sooner or later anyway,.... We all know who the Flashes are for example, but we in the League leave it as a personal choice."
He softened his serious tone with a lopsided grin as he shook his head.
"I'm sorry that our Powergirl didn't escape death afterall, but wish you could stay,.. I can honestly say that we all miss her, and you are almost exactly as we remember her."

Powerwoman went pale again.
"I'm,.... I mean,.... She's dead? What was I ,.. What was she doing when she died?" she finally got out.

" Saving the world" said the league all at once, causing Powerwoman to shiver in empathy at the depth of sadness emoted by those three words by so many.
After sharing a glance with the Martian Manhunter John Henry spoke.

“An Alien –self-named God named Moredread had come from our future to remove our planet and personally kill those who would have descendants that would keep him from easily ruling the galaxy.”

As he spoke Powerwoman found herself seeing herself and this league squaring off against a being about as large as a three story building.
She realized that the Martians were giving visuals to the story being told by Steel.

“The first thing he did was attack all our tech-based heroes subtly changing the laws of physics to reduce or remove their effectiveness.”

Pictures of Steel, Booster Platinum, Green Devil, Azure Scarab falling from the sky of having equipment failures.

“Then he put up world wide disasters to keep the rest of us busy while he set in motion his real plan.”

View of too many flashes building walls around continents to protect from tidal waves, The Bat, Arrow, Hawk, fate, wildcat and plastic man families defending cities from mutated citizens. Superboy and Wonderwoman putting out forest fires, The Martians morphing and fighting giant monsters, Superman and Powergirl stopping the moon from crashing to earth and returning it to Earth Orbit.

“ During this, Moredread let loose the Planet eater that the Fates had neutralized and made into a moon of Uranus.

Superman saw it first,… but was busy trying to keep the moon in one piece and return it to orbit.”

John Smiled.

“The Atom sez that the United Earth council appreciates everything we’ve done but would like us to take the moon out of this polar orbit and back out to where it’s supposed to be as soon as you’re rested Supes.”

This got a dry chuckle from the man of steel.

John returned where he left off:
“Supes saw it first but had his hands full. No one else with space traveling abilities was available. They tried to hurry up with moving the moon, but ran out of time.

Pictures of a ragged Superman busting out of his costume from the sheer effort with a Powergirl in much better shape keeping the moon trimmed on its outward spiral around the planet. The two arguing about something and then Powergirl slingshoting around the moon in a direct line for where she could meet the incoming Planet eater.

The Planet Eater,.. A Quantum singularity surrounded by the debris’s of previous meals was shown rapidly approaching Earth by way of Mars.. She could somehow sense that it was alive and hungry, and because of that, the league had not killed it when last they had met.

Instead they had put it to sleep and then placed it far enough from the sun to feed it, but not close enough to reawaken it.

Now from the perspective of herself, Kara realized she was experiencing what her other self had in those last moments.

The cold of space, the increasing need to take a breath, The strain of flying soo much faster than she had to in atmosphere. The stab of fear as she caught sight of the Planet eater while feeling her strength start to ebb.

She’d never been beyond the Moon before under her own power and was for the first time approaching her physical limits as Powergirl.

She knew she didn’t have the power to stop it w/o injuring it, she knew that she only had moments to do something and then find somewhere where she could breathe.

Taking note of where Mars would be after she “met” the Planet eater,.. Kara gave herself a bittersweet last image of Superman smiling at her at a clambake on Paradise Island with the now deceased Lois Lane,..

The Bittersweet part being Lois in the spot Kara thought a powergirl would do better good in, followed by the flash of Lana Lang Nursing a grieving Superman thru a bout of extreme Kryptonite poisoning while Kara was off being recruited by the Green Lantern Corp.

A flicker of self satisfaction at the thought that she’d made the grade and was slated to start training on Oa soon.

Then what passed for Powergirl Super-vision as she quickly chose her point of impact and forced herself to fly as fast as possible.

Her thoughts stopped abruptly and the pain while muted thru the memory, was harsh.

Kara gasped and the reinforced chair creaked as she flinched at her death.

“The Planet Eater was stunned by the impact of Kara hitting it at a large portion of Light speed, and stayed that way until it fell into the sun.”

“Superman followed,.. tried to reach her in time, but she had died on impact.”

Kara found herself looking at the White Martian. In the moment their eyes locked the white Martian flashed a picture of Kara gasping out her last breath as she fell toward Mars.
In the two seconds while they locked eyes Powerwoman relived the last two minutes of that Powergirls life with a sidebar of Supermans feelings within the same timeframe.

His looking through the moon and keeping track of Powergirl as she poured it on, The redoubling of his effort to find a stable orbital track for the moon upon seeing the flash of impact followed by not being able to "see" Kara anymore.

Kara wasn't even awake to be aware she was suffocating, Her body keept trying to breathe vacuum,.. the fourth most powerfull lungs on the planet unable to draw in anything where there was nothing.

The honest fear / concern,............. when grew to horror at the thought that she had not survived.

Already short on air where his vision was outlined in red, Kara was Kal-el as he decided that he had no time to dip into the Earths Atmosphere but instead followed her heat trail as soon as the moon was stable.

She Marveled at the boost in energy and vitality as he cleared the Earths shadow,.. to a point where his vision cleared and his need for Oxygen fell off to a preference.
The increase in speed was dramatic too - Superman covering the same distance in half the time, arriving at point of inpact in less than a minute.

First he scanned the tumbling mass of the Planet Eater for signs of Powergirl as it fell toward the sun.

He grew frantic as he saw nothing.

In the twenty minutes it took him to locate her, ( A super feat if you remember that he was searching an area larger than the suns diameter.), she had died of space exposure 15 minutes before.

In the searching, it became clear what Kal-El was feeling.

It was love and loss.

Powerwoman got it all in a burst from the White Martian.

To everyone else at the table, she simply broke down in tears.
Wonderwoman handed Powerwoman a tissue from a slot in her chair and waited for Kara to wipe her eyes before asking:

"You know how our Powergirl left us, So now tell us about you and your Earth?"

Powerwoman looked around the table and looked for differences.
The White Martian immediately fed her a general picture of this earth to compare.

"Almost Everything here is like My earth."

She stopped looking and Spoke to Superman.


"As you know,.. on my Earth I'm Married to Superman, and we have three children, Lois and the twins Bruce and little Kon."

The group got a transmitted flash of a wedding they all attended followed by a Honeymoon that was cut off abruptly as it got graphic.

The White Martian Apologized.

"The first Batman on my world is dead, A hero named Nightwing took up as the new Batman"

She nodded toward the caped crusader.

"Our headquarters is on our city on the Moon Luna,
Wonderwoman is president of the United States, Green Arrow is the President for Life of Cuba, the Wonder Twins are older and came with about 5000 unpowered members of their race to settle in Antartica."

"We have a world Government and have trade agreements with a few planets in this arm of the Galaxy."

"Degaton came from our future to change the past."

"He hurt all of us - He Speared My Husband, Killed Billy Batson, and crippled the Flash"

She got up shaking and faced away from the table looking out on a terra-formed lunar surface under a shimmering blue energy field.

"Then he stopped to brag."

Jon Jonz got up and laid a hand on her shoulder.
The room was transported to a broken landscape with a large man with fire-engine redhair standing on top of a machine laughing at heroes strewn about like broken toys.

"It will be as if you never were,.. I will wipe you out like the irritations you are, No one will even remember you after I go back and change history."

The voice was heard after a fast glance, but the main part of the scene was that of Superman with a large green glowing crackling spear of energy that refused to disapate.

The group recognized hands that were Kara's trying to grasp the energy spike and pull it out, while feeling equal parts of fear and anger.

Her hands kept passing thru it until she found herself standing suddenly miles away.
Impulse and Kid Flash had moved her away at Super speed.

She found herself facing a Hawkman, Flash, Zaptanna, and Steel subtly different than what was recognised in the group she'd met today.

"There's no time,.. you have to be gone BEFORE he leaves."

This from Max Mercury,....The Flash.

"My Son Wally will help Superman while Barry and Lois try to delay Degaton - so just listen."

The fear faded to be completly replaced with anger, but she held her tongue.

"Carter here has recreated his Emotometer, a device that can track and guide a person thru time by what they find most familiar. The device will drive the machinery to guide you to what you most want, but requires a strong personality."

Max grunted in pain and spit out a gobbit of blood. John Henry Irons stepped forward and handed Kara his Hammer with a nod as he spoke.

"Kara you are one of our strongest willed heroes still standing outside of the green Lanterns and as such we have to depend on you becuase there was no time to finish a time-machine that someone without your powers could survive the trip in."

"Take my Hammer, It'll be your power source for the craft that Cyborg and Jesse Quick should be finishing about now, just put it in the place cyborg indicated and hit the switch, concentrating on finding Degaton."

As she took the Hammer,.. John grew pale and dropped to one knee in weakness.

He gasped like a fish out of water and rolled to lay flat on his back.

He grinned at her look of concern.

"Don't worry about me,.. one of the flashes will get me back to my lab before my lack of power does me in,.. you just stop Degaton!"

At that point in her memory, Jesse Quick and Barry Allen appeared. Kid Flash spoke first:

"Degaton has captured Lois, Wally was badly hurt,.. Degaton has entered his machine!"

Jesse Quick heard it all and simply grabbed Kara by the hand and started running.

PowerWoman found herself flung into a craft the current JLA recognised with the hammer being snatched and slammed into a slot next to the bucket seat she was slapped into, Before Jesse Blurred to a stop and giving her a quick kiss on the cheek Slapped her hand down on a large red button and saying:

"Think Nasty thoughts," Before vibrating out of the space thru a bulkhead.

Kara thought of her Daughter.
The heroes on the moon shifted uncomfortably as they continued to see the story unfold from Power woman’s mind:

She was seated in front of a big picture window and as the Time machine kicked into motion she watched the world drop away and fade out at the same time. She found herself in a golden tunnel that rotated around here as she traveled “Down” it.

The trip thru hypertime wasn’t painful, but she could tell by the way it felt that as half finished as this craft was, you had to have at least Warrior-level, (Guy Gardner), Invulnerability or die a painful death.

She concentrated on the image of her daughter since she figured that Degaton still held her captive. She immediately noted that the amount of concentration determined the speed of travel.

Soon she was whipping down the tunnel getting flashes of pictures as she passed through possible worlds.
Her daughter at all ages and many situations she didn’t recognize. A few showed her dying horrible deaths, a couple with a laughing Degaton watching with glee. PowerWoman concentrated on her picture of her daughter as she last saw her and prayed that Degaton had not killed her.

At one point the craft did an abrupt right turn and erupted out into empty air.

The craft started to fall and Powergirl automatically tried to lift herself up to fly out and catch the craft from the bottom. She found herself restrained by a big metal girdle that had snapped into place when Jesse Quick had thrown her into the chair.

She noticed immediately that her upward motion was matched by the entire craft stopping its drop and moving in the same direction.

Two twitches later she found herself flying the craft by the literal seat of her pants as she guided the craft down into a valley of a large mountain range in what looked like North America.

As soon as she settled the craft onto a ledge, the Girdle snapped loose and recessed into the chair, freeing her to get up.

Sitting down, it again snapped into place. She quickly realized that as long as she didn’t try to “fly” the girdle didn’t stop her from getting up.

She left the craft and using the tracer all super parents have woven into their kids clothing – went looking for her daughter.

(PowerWoman noticed at this part of the story, both John Henry and Green Lantern both started tapping into their terminals with a circuit diagram she recognized as the tracer weave starting to form in green above the Lanterns head.)

Her vision powers gave her the leg up as she came over the horizon to see the hatch of the machine containing Degaton opening up.

She went supersonic having learned from the leagues mistakes last time and hit Degaton at a mid multiple of the speed of sound.

As she expected,.. His personal force field took the brunt of it before burning out,… but her strike effectively knocked him out. She left him where he fell, controlling the urge to just be done with it and break his neck.

A fast search of the ship at superspeed found her daughter strapped down and nude in a well stocked lab. Puddled on the floor was her costume. Beside her unconscious form were a series of tools,.. Some bent or warped like someone had tried to use them on a pile of rocks. She noted the various bruises and scrapes on her daughter as she freed her and smiled in relief.

The state of her daughter gave her an idea.

She bundled her daughter up and then took both her and Degaton back to her time machine.

Leaving her daughter on the ship, she took care using her super senses to completely strip Degaton of all his clothes and technology. At one point she bloodied her fingers at removing a couple of things the madman had buried under his skin for just this sort of emergency.

(This got an ugly chuckle from the assembled heroes.)

Wouldn’t help him now.

As she finished he started to regain consciousness so she gave him a love tap and put him back out.

Naked and secured by her own belt, Degaton was a neat package that she tossed beside the chair where she could watch him. She then held her daughter until she woke up.

It was a tearful reunion; Lois was shattered by the experience and told her mother of months of abuse by the evil genius.

This surprised Kara as she left at the same time Degaton had.

He wasn’t physically powerful enough to rape her even with her being held down on his table, but everything else he could do he did.

The girl was two steps on the sane side of becoming a basket case; Kara could see that her daughter would be needy for a bit.

She reassured her as best she could then asked her to hold on as she sat down and took the time machine up.

She imagined meeting Benjamin Franklin as a test and watched the planet spin under her at high speed with the sun becoming a solid bar across the sky. After less than 30 seconds it all stopped and she was now floating over an undomesticated land.

Reassured that she could control it, she imagined meeting Moses, Then Noah. It didn’t seem to matter whether she met the person or not, the Emotometer responded and she found herself going further and further back in time.
Finally, imagining a cave man got her to what appeared to be the end of an Ice Age where she felt just enough compassion to place Degaton on the equator on an island in what would someday be called the Pacific Ocean with nothing but his skin.

When he woke up - It would be years before he realized “When” he was.

She figured that this was far enough back and away that he would never endanger the world again.


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More i need more power girl. I've heard of her but don't really know too much about her this is very interesting.
Sorry,.. I wasn't getting any critiques so I let it fall by the wayside - I'll come back and add to it now that at least one person is reading it.
WELL?!? I'M WAITING! Just really hurry up.
RAMORE said:
WELL?!? I'M WAITING! Just really hurry up.
The Assembled Heroes nodded together in agreemant at Powerwomans Decision to leave Degaton Stranded in the Past on an Island.

As She continued, Heroes who had been busy elsewhere started arriving.

Yellow Raven Made Room for her Mother Black Canary, Cyborg walked in and on seeing Powerwoman brought up his arm and scanned her before getting the head shake from Superman.

In the middle of the table two people appeared to be growing up from nothing - A middle-aged man with grey at his temples next to a much younger woman. Powerwoman recognized an older version of Ray Palmer and what appeared to be someone who could’ve been BlockBusters twin,.. A superpowered villainess from her Earth.

She continued:

“So leaving him there I cradled my daughter and thought of My Husband as I last saw him,… And found myself sitting in a Gray nothingness.

I figured that the problem was that he was no longer laying on the ground with an solid kryptonite-light spear in his chest,… So I imagined him recuperating at our undersea home off of Hawaii,… And stayed stuck in a gray nothingness.

In an hour I visualized everything related to us that I could imagine and except for a flicker outside the window we stayed in that nothingness.

I explained to my daughter Lois what I was trying to do and she asked to try.
So we swapped places in the seat and she thought of home and you, (She nodded toward Kal-el)

We immediately found ourselves moving along that golden tunnel, and after a few minutes the craft jerked and dropped out in Earth Orbit being left behind by the planet.

I swapped with our daughter and visuaslized you flying around on earth,………….. and the rest you know.

As she finished her story she noticed horror on the faces of the more intelligent JLA members. The Fates and Palmers traded glances,.. Steel, Beetle, Midnite, Fate, Both Lanterns looked anywhere but at Powerwoman. The White Martian Started to cry while being held by her husband who’s look of pure pity scared Kara more than anything else.

Wally West also noticed and looked around like they were about to be attacked.

“What? What? WHAT????” He said as he disappeared and reappeared in front of all the surveillance monitors at once.

“What has got you guys weirded out like this????”

Silent up to this point, The Man of Steel rumbled from his seat:
“Calm down Flash,… Nothings wrong,………………….. With us.”

More Later.
"We will have to check a few things, examine your craft, do some test flights, so don't panic yet, but based on what you describe it sounds like your entire timeline has been erased."
This from a Dark Hooded form who'd been leaning back against a wall. As he moved a golden lightingbolt could be seen on his chest on a midnight blue one-piece costume.

"In fact,.. I'll make a quick trip to Eternity to see What Bill has to say about this,... maybe see if we can do anything from his end."

Superman nodded and motioned him to go now. "Thanks Marvel,.. tell Billy we said hello."

The cloaked figure paused while walking past to put a hand on Kara's shoulder before continuing outside the room. Her Power hearing heard him mumble something and then the hall rang with indoor thunder following a bright flash of light.

"I'm so glad he's started stepping away from the group when he does that", mummured Animal man,..."So much easier on the ears."

This got a dry chuckle from the super sense crowd. All became serious as Jonz motioned for attention and started giving direction.

"Superman, You and I will put the Moon back where it belongs, John, you and Vic go over her craft,... see if we can duplicate a safer version for everyone to use, Batman,.. go back to the Atoms tesseract with him and see if the Time-masters equipment can be used in hypertime."

He turned to Kara.

"PowerWoman,.... Kara,.. I'd prefer you'd stay here, to cut down on the chaos that would happen if you were seen flying around, Our Powergirl had a large fan following all over the world."
"Your daughter too please,..."

"Everybody else,... thanks for coming, business as usual, Wonderwoman do you have time to make Powerwoman comfortable?"

Wonderwoman rose from her chair and fully embraced the Power Princess from another timeline.

"Of course,... in fact if she likes she can come down and stay on Paradise Island if she likes,.. my sisters will take good care of her."

With that the meeting broke up and Kara watched everyone else leave in groups of two and three.

Wonderwoman was saying something but Kara wasn't hearing it.

She was entranced by the look and had locked eyes with Superman.

His was open curiousity and a faint longing,... hers was a hard reminder that this was not her husband.

Wonderwoman "hmphed" in amusement and grew silent as she patiently waited for the two to stop staring at each other.

When they broke eye contact she laughed a malicious laugh while guiding Kara out by her elbow.
"Too bad you and Lana have something going on Clark,... otherwise here would be your second chance."

Powergirl was surprised at the bitterness and stared at the woman almost dragging her out of the room.


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Wonder Woman noticed the stare as she guided Kara toward the JLW living Quarters.

“Don’t mind me,.. Kal and I are the “best of friends”
(This said with a dry wit)
“But our Man of Steel refuses to consider the women he works closest with after the death of his cousin who he almost married seven years ago,… and has been keeping his affections to “normal” non-super powered females since then.”

Once started, this Wonderwoman started to ramble.

“When Supergirl was killed by Luthor,…. Kal lost it for a bit, dropped his Superman Identity for a while and played Clark Kent 24/7. During that time he and Lois Lane fell in love and were set to be married.”

Wonder Woman stopped at a doorway leading into the living quarters and typed a fast tattoo onto a touchpad. Kara’s name appeared and a holographic blue line appeared on the floor going into the next room and making a sharp left.
Wonder Woman led the way and continued.

“Strangely enough, the week before they were to be married, Metalloids somehow found out who Clark was and killed Lois to draw Superman out of retirement.

Superman tore Metalloid into lil pieces and gave notice to the world that he is no longer a gentler kinder Superhero. Since the death of Lois Lane was seen on TV around the world, no one faulted Superman, when he started to Give Batman a run for his money as being “the dark knight”.

Wonderwoman moved aside and motioned PowerWoman toward the door she’d stopped at.

“Place your palm on the door, and say your name.”

PowerWoman did so, then led the way into her new living quarters.

“Killing Metalloid almost killed Superman and he’d vanished for a bit before starting his “Dark Kryptonian routine.” During that time he’d gone back to Kansas and was nursed back to health by Lana Lang, an old high school love who’d originally dumped Kal but had been trying to get back with him ever since.”

Wonderwoman quickly walked PowerWoman around the three bedroom apartment showing her where everything was before stopping in the living room.

“J’emm sez that Kal had always had feelings for our Powergirl, but she’d not been ready to get serious so she’d missed her chance after Supergirl and before Lois.”

At her Blank look,.. Wonderwoman added – “J’emm,… the white Martian?”

“Anyway,… since Lois,… Lana’s had the clear field,…… until you showed up saying you are married and have children with your Superman.”
Wonder woman now looked a little sad but had a malicious glint in her eye.

“I think your universe is gone,…. And I hope you decide to stay in this one, we really weren’t ready to lose our Karen Star.”
At the door she stopped again.

“I think things might just get interesting around here.”


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Kal-El was distracted, he couldn’t stop thinking about the way he seemed to so easily sink into those greenish blue eyes that PowerWoman had hit him with.

He headed for the main Airlock, deciding that he’d get back to Earth under his own power.

The bite of Vacuum cleared his head and the rush of power as he left the shadow of this Arm of the Watchtower made him consider the current situation had a positive side.

As sad as it seemed to contemplate, PowerWoman and her daughter were now without an entire Universe.

It was obvious that she somehow escaped whatever destroyed her entire branch of the hypertime timeline and he was curious only to make sure something similar didn’t happen to this one.

He mused as he started to heat up entering Earths Atmosphere that his own adventures in time travel didn’t even hint at Hypertime, in fact it’s obvious that Hypertime travel appeared to require more Oomph than he or the Flashes have used to date.

He was halfway to Metropolis when the Martian Manhunter shot a thought at him:

“Kal? I’m still on the Moon waiting for you to help us move it back into its original Orbit?”

Embarrassed that thoughts of a woman could make him forget something as important as moving the moon back to where it belongs,…. And knowing that some of it might have leaked to the Martian, Superman reversed direction and returned to move the moon.

Kara was distracted, She firmly reminded herself that the man she left in the main meeting room was not her Husband, but a very very good alternate version of the man who she’d made babies with.

Part of the problem was her very real fear that she couldn’t go home again,… that her little boys, her husband, EVERYONE she used to know was gone, probably forever.

She flipped-flopped between grabbing her daughter - getting into her machine and trying again,
And going to an isolated place to break things.

She settled for curling up on the sofa provided and letting a few tears out.


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The next few days were about as normal as what one would expect in a Universe with Super powered folk:

The world celebrated the return of the moon to its proper distance and position in the night sky by declaring the day to be Justice League Day.

The Teen Titans went up against Gorilla Grodd and introduced a new member to the world as “Juster”, A mangle on Kid Flashes response to the media who asked him who knocked Grodd through a building.

The Justice League as a whole was not pleased that “Powergirl” was now in the public eye. Sharper folk in higher places had already noted her apparent abilities and were counting rings and giving Superman the fisheye.

One kid with a video camera didn’t help any by getting a shot of Juster mouthing the word “Daddy” when a Pan of what she was seeing was Superman flying away with Grodd.

The Question being asked in a lot of circles was of course if Superman were the Daddy, Who’s the mommy.
The Media believed that it was either the departed damsels Supergirl or Powergirl and wanted Superman to step forward and say which one.

They were only by a stretch a quarter right.

The Blue Beetle and his son Azure Scarab started work on a safer version of PowerWoman craft after John Henry was done with it and compiling a full report.

The Flashes reported another birth in their family, bringing the count of 37 of the fastest beings on Earth.

And -

Marvel returned from the Rock of Eternity with bad news, concerning the branch of Hypertime that PowerWoman came from.

The heroes closest to Powergirl met with PowerWoman and her daughter at JSA headquarters.

Jesse Quick, The Huntress, Black Canary, Barbara Gordon, and Ronnie Raymond welcomed PowerWoman and “Juster” at the Teleport tube with hugs and kisses, dragging them from that room to a massive study, more suited for a library than a meeting place of costumed heroes.

When everyone was settled, Ms. Marvel, (Mary to her friends), took out a small bell and rang it once.

Most were blinded as with a crack of thunder, Marvel Appeared in the center of the room.

W/O Preamble:

“Society members and Leaguers,… thank you for coming,… I have bad news.”

(No one was surprised.)

“As we all feared, the place where our guests come from is no more. Somewhere back almost immediately after advent of man,… something happened that wiped out all higher forms of life on the planet.”

(He paused for effect.)

“Bill will be sending me to that timeline first after the event,.. then before it to see if anything can be done.”

“He suggests that our guests stay as far as possible from this timeline since close proximity would tie them directly to the state that currently exists in that branch of Hypertime.”

There was silence for a moment, before Ronnie Raymond spoke:

“Looking for someone to tag along? I’m not doing anything this week,…”

This started babble as most of the group volunteered for the mission.

PowerWoman was speechless since she was well aware what probably caused the end of her timeline.

As more and more heroes added two and two,… the babble died away as more heroes took note on the horror on Power woman’s face.

I did it,…………………………… I killed them all!!
PowerWoman watched over the next few days as part of the Superhero community set up for the expedition.
She found herself with too much idle time stuck on the Moon while her daughter was on Earth having fun. Power levels here seemed slightly lower than she’d expected once she realized that this wasn’t her Earth.

Her Origins were different than the local Powergirls, This Worlds Powergirl was a modified human who was shrouded in mystery, with powers roughly half of what Superman exhibited.

PowerWoman on the other hand was born of a woman also from another world with powers and abilities far beyond those of earth, and her mother was the long-lived Princess Power who had stooped to getting married and have a child with her male sidekick from her final adventures in the fifties and sixties.

While weaker than her Mother, she was obviously more powerful than her predecessor here.

“Something to think about” She thought as she “sunned” herself on the Moon deck at the top of the Watchtower.

So her Daughter “Juster” would end up being more powerful than she was,.. And she felt she could give Superman a good fight.

Thoughts of Superman brought back memories of things she did / had with “her” Superman.

Good times and bad, her getting married after realizing that if she would submit to any man,.. It would be this one, Joy at having someone who could keep up, irritation when her invulnerable maternity wear was patterned after his costume not hers, by a well meaning Amazon who thought that was right and proper in Man’s world, her first born Lois, her twin boys, (Wiping tear), Her JLA, her earth.

Two parts pity and one part anger at herself, she played back everything she’d done to Degaton,.. Wondering what she’d missed, certain that whatever it was allowed the power mad scientist to destroy everything she’d known.

She got control of herself as soon as she realized she was sobbing on a mat wearing a two piece under the stars for the Universe to see.

“Not real Heroic” she bitterly chastised herself.

Under control she finally heard the breathing that had been in the background.

She turned her head to see Kal-El and Lana Lang standing at the lift entrance looking silently at her.
Lana’s look was conflicted. She was showing both Pity and that defensive arrogance that people almost always exhibit when they recognize a true rival.

Not even in her worst nightmare would she seriously consider it,.. But the thought of throwing Lana Hard enough from here to burn up on re-entry danced across her mind.

Wistful bloody thinking pushed aside, she sat up and covered the tiny bikini top with her towel,.. Smiling at the thought that one of the lookers had x-ray vision and the other wouldn’t be interested in looking anyway.

Kal,……….. Superman, was looking his normal impossibly dynamic self, and Kara found herself drooling quietly at what she’d had intimate knowledge of in another Universe.

She also could tell that he was mesmerized.

Thinking about it afterwards, she new it was wrong, but at the time she couldn’t resist,.. She missed her husband who appeared to be standing right there in front of her.

She dropped the towel, arched her back and stretched,.. Making sure to *pop* a few vertebrae as she pointed her self at Kal and took a deep breath.

Her “power senses” gave her the satisfaction of knowing via increased respiration, dilation of pupils and obvious vascular changes that she had his full attention.

Lana was on top too and visibly Quailed at how easily Power Woman got a rise out of her man “The Boyscout”.

“Hi,….. Uh, we were wondering if you wanted to return with us to Kansas for a home-cooked meal?” Stammered Lana - stepping around and looking up directly into Kal-El’s face,.. Forcing him to see her.

“Yes,” Superman looked down into Lana’s face before looking over the top of her head at Kara. “It was Lana’s idea, but we’d like you to come eat with us.”

Power Woman “played” at thinking about it, but was convinced at what she was going to do just by the way this was playing out.

“Yes of course I’d love to,.. Let me call my daughter, I think she’s in South America with the Titans.”

Superman looked up and in the direction of Earth. Power Woman could feel the mild discharge of solar energy as he scanned the planet.

“She’s in the T-Jet enroute to New York, sharing a Pizza with Superboy and the Ray.”
“Oh,.. Then I guess it’ll be just me then.” Kara made it a point to NOT sound disappointed at leaving her daughter out of what might be an ugly evening at the Kent farm.

She got up smoothly enough to regain Kal’s attention and made a point to walk as casually as possible while still rolling her hips to drain the blood out of Lana’s face.

“Yup,.. An Ugly evening.” She looked forward to it.



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The Dinner was a Nightmare for Lana Lang, even though Kara was on her best behavior - mostly becuase she and Kal were too obviously aware of each other the entire evening.

Kara took pity on Lana and turned down the invite to spend the night, opting to fly to JSA headquarters and sleep there instead.

Weeks went by,.. Juster by stint of her apparent power and her costume was "officially" given the name of "Powergirl too" in memory of the fallen hero.
She was publicly put under Wonderwoman beside Wondergirl for "training".

Planned Parenthood demanded an audience With Superman.

The tech heads at the JLA finished work on the Hypertime machine, The Beetles and BosterGold with a flash went off to backtrack Powerwoman's journey.
bot to bring it where I can add to it. :rolleyes:
Three Months after their arrival,.. Power woman asked the assembled Justice League if there was a reason why she couldn't just return to Earth and just "start living?"

No one could come up with a reason (after having run all sorts of tests that determined that the two were exactly as claimed.)

So the White Martian in her "Secret Identity" Of Mellissa Irons,.. Second cousin of John Henry Irons Industrialist Techomancer, Spent the day establishing an idenity and life for Kara.

Jemm thought it very amusing to be a white martian and have a secret idenity as a "black woman". She and John kept multiple idenities all over the world but this was her favorite.

Karen was moved into a three bedroom condo in Metropolis. She was now Kara with a "C" as in Caren Payton.

Though she didn't need it,... she selected Writer as her occupation for tax purposes and the JLA computers did the rest, downloading to the places that mattered all information on a Caren Payton,... including a worm that searched thru digital media and either created or tweaked all known sources of information.

They then spent the day starting with providing a presence for Caren in Metropolis: Everywhere they went,.. The White Martian Planted the subconcious thought that people had seen her before in the same places,.. sometimes going years past. In each case she just planted the image,.. not the name,..

Then they went shopping.

The JLA had replicated her costume on the moon as the one she'd arrived in was in tatters.

But she didn't even have underwear at this point so at the white Martians treat they went on a spree that gave "Caren Payton" A complete wardrobe which included shoes and winter wear.
They then went out to eat where they were met by Melissa's Boyfriend "Tyrone" (Martian Manhunter) and John Henry Irons, (Steel).

The food was good, everyone was in character and except for the photographers buzzing around them at the resturant wondering who the unknown woman eating a meal with Industrialist John Henry and "his family" were,.. it was the perfect end of a good start on "the rest of her life."

She kept up the facade until her super senses detected the Martians beaming back to the moon and John Henry arriving back at his downtown condo.

Then she curled up on her bed and had a good cry.


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She'd had a good time until she'd sensed Superman enter the city late that morning from the west.

Much in the same way that Superman kept track of his loved ones, Kara had unconciously been set to "listen for" her husband and children.

So when Superman flew in and assumed his idenity as Clark Kent recently returned from tragedy to a life as a reporter for the Daily Planet, She watched him vibrate into a store room and change into a suit before stepping out and walking up to his desk like he'd come in like normal folk.

She suffered to herself as she peeked at different times of the day,.. watching him interact with others,.. share a smile with Cat Grant, (the ****), type his stories at 220 WPM when no one was within earshot.

It hurt to see someone who she'd bonded to, okay,.. someone LIKE who she'd bonded to, (she corrected herself.), within arms reach yet not be able to curl up in his embrace and just breathe.

So as she spent the day establishing herself in Metropolis,.. she watched him play clark kent.

Her heart stopped at one point when she "glanced" his way across the city to catch him looking at her.

His expression was innocent and he gave her a smile and a slight nod before going back to what he was doing.

Years of having a secret identity allowed her to act as though everything was right with her world,.. But she died a little inside as she watched Clark have Lunch with Lana at the Kent farm before whipping back to metroplis, died some more when she watched Lana watch him leave with such a look of loss on her face.

She knew she could never go thru with her original thought on the moon,.. to "steal" Kal-EL from Lana Lang,... and knowing Lana was suffering the fear that that was exactly what she was doing reminded her as to what a hero was supposed to be.

So she laid in her new bed and wet her pillow with her tears for a good bit of time.

When she felt she'd spent enough time feeling sorry for herself,.. she checked in on her daughter and found her flirting with the 17 year old Superboy.

No worries,.. the boy of Steel was obviously creeped out by powergirl and with his girlfriend the Ray keeping a jaundiced eye on the both of them it was doubtful that Kon-El would find himself cornered any time soon by her.

Power woman rose and floated with intent to do a superspeed patrol before going to bed.
(too fast to be seen by anyone.)
In costume in a flash she scanned the planet like her Husband had taught her and noted which emergencies could use her help.

In each case a member of the JL was either enroute or on scene.

Sighing in disgust she looked for Superman and found him in Antartica with the Wonder Twins.

Stifling the urge to go to him she guiltely glanced toward the Kent farm,..

Just in time to see Lana Lang start to fall into a running corn harvester.


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