The Attack


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Jul 16, 2002
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Chapter 1

The cold chilled her to the bone, her stream of tears lost amongst the endless rain. Casey stood at the graves of her fallen friends and swore that the monsters that did this would pay. Just two days ago they'd all been having fun at the beach, laughing and joking and partying. She couldn't fathom why she had been spared, she wished she hadn't. Her friends were dead and it was all because of these monsters.

It started innocently enough, there had been a few reports of shark attacks near the shore, and two drownings. The beach was closed and some local cops patrolled the area to make sure no one sneaked in. Casey had resigned from the force two years ago, and her trained eye noticed a few plain clothes cops in addition to the uniforms as well as Feds and what looked like CIA. Whatever was going on it was more than just sharks. She thought it best to keep it to herself, no need to spook anyone, but she was going to be extra careful.

She returned to her friend Jason's house about five blocks north, where he and his wife Sensi were cooking. Jason was an excellent cook and the food could be smelt from half a block away. Casey reached in her pocket for the key they'd given her and got it ready. As she approached the front door, she noticed it open. That was unusual for them, immediately her cop instinct kicked in, and her eyes made a quick sweep of the area. Nothing out of the ordinary she noted. "Hello?" she spoke in the most casual tone she could muster. She pulled open her pocket knife and was prepared for whatever may come. "Hello?" she called again, this time there was an answer. "We're out back" she heard Sensi call from a distance. Casey put the knife back in her pocket and headed for the backyard.

As she got to the back she was about to say something to jay about leaving the door open, something, more precisely someone caught her eye. He was a tall man with shoulder length thick brown hair, a broad build and five o'clock shadow. She'd never seen him before but found him rather attractive

Sensi spoke again. A broad smile across her face as she introduced the two "Casey I'd like you to meet Marv". The two exchanged pleasantries. "Smells great" she said turning to Sensi looking for an excuse to avert her eyes for Marv. He was good looking but she was always weary of new people. "What are you cooking Jay?" he looked up from his grill with a wry smile and simply said "you'll see soon enough"

Jason treated everyone to a feast of grilled ham steaks, eggplant, vegetables, and ginger pineapple punch. It was a great evening. She was even getting along great with Marv and she didn't usually connect with someone so fast.

Later that night the weather began to change, sure it was that time of year and hurricane season was inevitable, but she couldn't shake a certain uneasiness. Even with the great time something about seeing those feds stuck with her. She knew her curiosity would get the best of her, after all there was a reason that her precinct had nicknamed her The Cat


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Hmmm, you've definitely got my interest. Can't wait to hear what happens next. :) (plus you made me hungry .. grrr.) Sharks, feds, Marv, this story has it all! Plus, I'm good with a knife, apparently. :D :up:
I can't wait to see the suspense , drama , romance , and monster slaying unravel. I'd take casey over nancy drew anyday . I'm also a little suspicious of this marv character.
Wow, I've been reading some of these, and they are suprsingly good.
Thank you. I'm working on Chapter 2, I had hoped to have it up tonight but it's not ready. Tomorrow night for sure it will be up :)
Good stuff so far, dude. Can't wait to see what else ya go.
Chapter 2

That night, with the howling of the wind and pounding sound the rain made on the roof it was impossible to sleep. Casey sat with her laptop and searched the net for shark attacks in Poster City. There'd only been one and it was twenty years ago. Which made this week even more strange. She also checked for any reports of strange activity; again she came up short. She sighed and looked over at the small paper where Marv had given her his number. Should she call him? Should she wait for him to call? These were the questions on her mind. It had been so long since she had anyone in her life. She'd been all work. It was nearly 2 AM and her eyes were getting heavy as her mind wandered. When SUDDENLY her phone rang. It was Marv. "Hello" she said blushing glad that he could not see her. "Hi, it's Marv" his voice sounded different on the phone but still it was a soothing voice. She'd even commented on it to him. "Hope I didn't wake you" "No, I was awake its fine" After nearly an hour of phone flirting, Casey grabbed her coat and umbrella and went over to Marv's place.

Morning came and the rain had subsided somewhat. The outside was still damp and foggy. Casey looked over at the alarm clock and saw it read 6:22, it was early but the sun was already up. She got out of the bed and pulled on her pants and looked over at Marv who was still sleeping. She felt bad for leaving but wanted to shower and check out some more things. She left quietly as she could and headed back for Jay's place. When she got there, something on the floor caught her attention. There was a stain on the floor, perhaps from an exotic drink Jason had mixed but as she continued to look she realized it was BLOOD. She rushed to Jason and Sensi's room. To her horror she found both brutally murdered. After the initial shock of the brutality, not only were they dead, but their innards were spilled out on the floor and their hearts were GONE.

Collecting her thoughts as best she could, Casey called 911. It took fifteen minutes for the responding officers to arrive. Several squad care s arrived and the home was taped off. The lead investigator, Detective Justin Blue pulled Casey aside and began to ask her some questions. He was in his late 50's, short, with close cropped blond hair. by his posture and no nonsense attitude she could tell he was ex military. "What branch?" she asked, "I'm sorry what?" he asked looking up from his notepad, his eyes looking at her over the top of his glasses. "What branch of the military were you in?" "Army, 101st Airborne" "That obvious?" he asked. Casey simply nodded. "You ever see anything like this?" "Never. This is as grotesque a thing I've ever seen. I been to wartime and again and I've seen more dead bodies than I can count, but THIS! This is new." "I seen blood and guts, but their hearts are missing. For CHRISTS SAKE what kind of sickos take peoples hearts?"

"Master the time approaches. We are nearly ready!" spoke a low, growling inhuman voice. "Yes my servant, all is going as I have planned" "Soon we shall rule as we once did; and the order of Mendeza will take it's rightful place." The master's bony hand reached for a long cylindrical container that was beside him and slid it closer. He opened it to reveal HUNDREDS of human hearts. His face gnarled into a perverse smile. "Bring me your newest acquisitions Mattias" "As you wish my Lord"
I can't wait to see the suspense , drama , romance , and monster slaying unravel. I'd take casey over nancy drew anyday . I'm also a little suspicious of this marv character.
Thanks :D
How long does it take you to write them?
It varies i had this idea a week ago and though about it for awhile before actually writing it down. other times I just write off the top of my head

Good stuff so far, dude. Can't wait to see what else ya go.

thank you :)

Sorry for the somewhat short chapter guys but I PROMISE it's all leading to something big :hyper:
Wow I am in your story ..I am thrilled you put me in the story but now *tears form* I'm Deeeeaaaddd :csad: I love your story but but I'm dead? Didn't even get to see what married life was about just... dead.. Kerplop.. dead? First story I have ever been in and now dead *hangs head*
Wow I am in your story ..I am thrilled you put me in the story but now *tears form* I'm Deeeeaaaddd :csad: I love your story but but I'm dead? Didn't even get to see what married life was about just... dead.. Kerplop.. dead? First story I have ever been in and now dead *hangs head*

Thank you

You have a part in my other one your scenes just haven't come up yet :D

As for dead this is a supernatural/horror tale is dead really dead? :cwink:
OHhhh I might not be dead? Even without a heart I beat on??? maybe? I love it. Now I must wait patiently to see if I come back from the dead.

Have I waited long enough ..Am I still dead? Dead *sigh*

But wait I am alive but just not seen in another story....*runs to check*.....How will I know I'm there ..Oh well *runs anyway*.
I'll pm you the updates and let you know if you're in yet :D
I'm a ho?!! :eek:
I am not a ho. hmph

Yikes! This is good though. :D Justin Blue :lmao: Will there be a singer and a pimp and possibly someone who watches, as well? ;)

*Hopes I don't wind up with my heart ripped out of my chest* :( I have had some experience with that, after all.

It's definitely got my interest, Lobo. :up:
Not a ho, don't worry about that :o

Thought you might like that one ;) And yea MANY familiar faces will appear

aww *hugs*

Good then I'm doing my job.
Poor Lobo. How can you write with me and Sensi crimping your style. :D As for me, write whatever you like. The story is fun and intriguing and you have to write the character the way you see her. So don't worry about me. I don't mind what you do. :)
Not crimping my style you and sensi are some of my favorite girls on Hype :). besides the character shares some of your personality traits, like being nosy :oldrazz:

and hot ;)
Nosey!!! :eek:


:lmao: nosey - hee

I'll take the hot though. :D :p
Excellent first 2 chapters, Mike! :up: You set the story up well and made a fine introduction of the main character.

Poor Jason and Sensi... The circumstances of their death is... very suspicious. Right now, I'm leaning my suspicion toward Marv. Why did he call her so late (2 AM?!). How rude!
Chapter 3

Casey sat in her apartment, staring out the window he mind as foggy as the day outside. How could this happen? How could she LET it have happened? She knew something was wrong, she should have told them. Her mind was wracked with guilt and the funeral was in two hours. She needed to freshen up and get dressed for the services.

Once dressed, she went down to the garage area of her building and made her way to her old Toyota Camry and unlocked it. Before starting the car she opened the glove compartment and made sure her Smith & Wesson .38 special was safe. She removed it from the glove compartment and placed it inside her purse. She'd not carried it since resigning, but she knew there's be trouble when she headed back to Poster, and she wanted to be ready.

The drive from her place to the funeral home took about an hour. As she got near, she saw dozens of her old precinct buddies. They were all there to give their condolences to Jason and his family. Jason had joined the force straight out of high school, served his twenty years and retired to live a good life with his beautiful bride. he was always jovial and just a joy to be around. Never a bad word was said about him, the same could not be said for her.

She pulled into the driveway of the funeral home, and circled the lot a few times before finding a spot. She was about a hundred feet from the entrance when she noticed her old mentor Eric "bullets" Waters headed her way. A large smile came across his face as he greeted her. "Hey Cat, long time" They hugged and continued their conversation. "Though I wish it were under better circumstances" Casey nodded her head in agreement. "Hey Bullets, have you read the reports?" "Yeah" "You ever hear of anything like that?" "Can't say I have. Hell the photo's made me queasy, couldn't imagine what it must've been like for you". Casey and Bullets got quiet as they entered the room, where the pastor was about to speak. They made there way to seats three rows behind the coffin

The pastor began his speech. both Casey and Bullets had been to more of these than they cared to remember. There was a subdued silence as the elderly pastor spoke. "Ladies and gentleman, friends and family of the dearly departed, we are here today to remember a man who touched all our lives, a man who to many of you was friend, son, confidant, lover and brother." "Now I understand that Mr. Storm's neighbor would like to say a few words". Jason's neighbor stood and walked toward the podium to address the crowd.

"Some of you may know me, some of you may not, but my name is Chris Miller, and Jason was neighbor and best friends for the better part of the last twenty years. I remember it like it was yesterday, it was February 16th, we were rookies on the force working traffic, when we pulled over the most beautiful woman we'd ever seen for speeding. Her flaxen hair, full lips and gorgeous smile. She had us wrapped around her little finger and she knew it. She tried to get out of the ticket, and I was read to let her off, but Jason; he not only gave her the ticket but got her number and date as well, thats the kind of guy he was."

As Chris went on with his speech, Bullets noticed a lone man standing near the back doorway and nudged Casey to check him out. He was a tall lanky fellow with receding blond hair and a sharp pointed nose. "Know him?" he asked her in a whisper. She shook her head no and made a mental note of his appearance, and would get the names of everyone who signed the guest book before she left.

The balding blond man slipped back outside after a few moments, and reached inside his pocket to pull out his cell phone. His voice not quite human while he spoke "Master the order is ready just give us the word, the chosen is here, and we shall crush her as we did the others" "We strike when I say, not sooner. Midnight tonight the Order of Mendeza rules once more, and the proper order shall be restored" "Yes M'Lord Jaguarr"
This is getting exciting. Too bad I'm dead and can't enjoy it.. hahaha
You are very talented and I love what I have read so far.

Dead I tell ya *shakes head* Dead...:woot:

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