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Dec 28, 2006
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This sounds like a bad idea. I don't care if it wasn't a financial success, the original was pretty much perfect.

Now that Disney’s troubled movie studio is under new management, our spies tells us that, curiously, one of the first properties to be developed for a feature film is a reboot of 1991’s thirties-set adventure film, The Rocketeer.

We say ‘curiously’ because while the property was actually a flop at the time, its similarity to the current Disney-Marvel cash cow Iron Man is more than a little striking: In it, a racing pilot named Cliff Secord (Billy Campbell) discovers a rocket-pack prototype in his stunt plane, hidden there by the gangsters who stole it from Howard Hughes; Secord tries it out, and, like Tony Stark, quickly discovers that a) flying without a plane is SO cool, and b) you gotta fight the bad guys (including Timothy Dalton, who two years prior had starred as James Bond for the second time) and save the girl (a luminous Jennifer Connelly).

While both properties are based on comic books, Iron Man actually arrived on the scene first: The Rocketeer was first published in 1982 by tiny (and now, sadly, defunct) Pacific Comics, and was conceived by artist Dave Stevens as an homage to the serial action heroes of the thirties. By the time Disney released The Rocketeer in 1991, Pacific had already been liquidated for half a decade. Stevens lost a battle with leukemia in March 2008 – just two months before Marvel’s adaptation of Iron Man was released.

We’re told the studio will soon be meeting with various writers to come up with a take. But its reappearance at Disney now, of course, begs the question: Why? What is new studio chief Alan Horn up to? It could be an early sign that the former Warner Bros. chief doesn’t just view his new job at Disney Studios as that of a mere portfolio manager, content to make sure acquisitions like Marvel, The Muppets, and Pixar, which keep churning out their own properties as Disney’s brand withers. That would be good news, indeed.
I'd be really surprised if a Rocketeer reboot happens, just because I can't see any momentum building for it.
and is there really a demand for one? I mean the first one is great, but didn't it bomb? I don't think the general public is really foaming at the mouth for a remake.
and is there really a demand for one? I mean the first one is great, but didn't it bomb? I don't think the general public is really foaming at the mouth for a remake.

Yeah, and although there were a bunch of movies just this year that there didn't seem to be much, if any, demand for, like Battleship, Total Recall, and another Spider-Man origin story in The Amazing Spider-Man, I have a hard time believing that Disney would push ahead with a new Rocketeer movie without feeling the want or need.

I don't have any personal feelings about the idea, though. I liked The Rocketeer, but I don't have any attachment to it.
Hiring writers to write a script for a potential franchise is a small investment that could pay off.
Alan Horn likes his franchises.
Could be a few directors out there who were fans of The Rocketeer and would want to be involved.
Rocketeer is just another movie, like The Crow and Point Break, that should just be left alone.
Disagree, the original, while charming, has a lot of missed potential.
I love it. That's why I want it left alone. If there is a remake and it's good, I'll probably like it too. :yay:
and is there really a demand for one? I mean the first one is great, but didn't it bomb? I don't think the general public is really foaming at the mouth for a remake.

I believe a few weeks later "Terminator 2" blew it away. It COULD have been a success but it was badly placed.

I just loved James Horners uplifting opening theme. The effects aren't that bad either.
I'd go see it. Maybe they can fix the problems the original had.
I hate the original but love the concept and potential. Bring it on. And hire someone who can act as the title character this time.
I like the original and the effects are still pretty good but I agree about the title character. I found him to be very uncharismatic
And keep Johnston away, even as a producer.
Last year I watched this movie for the first time since I saw it in theaters as a kid. I had a REALLY good time watching it. I'd say it's still better than a whole lot of the comic book movies that have come out since the boom that started with Blade/X-Men.

I'd probably go see the reboot.
You can definitely do a better film. I liked the first movie, but there is more potential for this character. Especially with today's technology.
I hope they don't overdo cgi, though. I feel like more practical effects would add to the charm of the movie.
I don't see how it would work any other way.
I loved this movie as a kid, I need to see it again.

I'd be down for a reboot.
Meh, speaking as a fan of the original, I don't see the problem in a Rocketeer reboot. If Hollywood's recent track record for remakes is anything to go by, odds are this will only end up validating the original even more.
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Nazis inventing jetpacks to invade the US again? Not a very realistic idea at all.

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