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RIP Rocketeer creator/artist Dave Stevens


Dec 12, 2004
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A bit of sad news....


Dave Stevens, best known as the creator of The Rocketeer and his "good girl" art, died yesterday following a long and private battle with Leukemia. He was 52.

First published in 1982 by Eclipse Comics and then by Comico and finally Dark Horse, “The Rocketeer” instantly earned Stevens many loyal fans. The book showcased his exquisite artwork, which combined an obvious affection for pulp heroes and sexy '50s pin-up girls and helped re-popularize interest in the classic pulp adventure aesthetic and is credited by many as almost single-handedly igniting the late 20th century resurgence of ‘50s pin-up and fetish model Bettie Page, who served as inspiration for the Rocketeer’s love interest Jenny Blake.

After drawing her classic image for many years, Stevens eventually befriended the real-life and hugely reclusive Bettie Page, becoming one of her closest friends and financial supporters, having recognized his own success was due in no small part to his use of her likeness. Stevens told comics historian Mark Evanier, “It's amazing. After years of fantasizing about this woman, I'm now driving her to cash her Social Security checks."

Famously meticulous with his artwork, Stevens produced few comic books beyond “The Rocketeer,” which was adapted as a feature film in 1991 starring Bill Campbell, Jennifer Connelly, Alan Arkin and Timothy Dalton. Stevens remained very visible on the art scene with his many glamour illustrations, contributions to art books and private commissions.

For more on Dave Stevens and his remarkable life and work, CBR News encourages readers to visit the blog of Mark Evanier, one of Stevens’ closest friends.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has indicated there are no plans for a public memorial service.


Very saddened to hear this. I love his artwork. Loved the Rocketeer. He even threw Doc Savage, Monk, and Ham into the book.....great stuff.

Thoughts and prayers to his family.
my condolenses as well
i own a copy of the rocketeer the movie i'll have to dig it out.
and a rocketeer lapel pin i think i'll wear it today in mr stevens memory
ah man! I love his artwork and Rocketeer :( RIP
like it says in my sig, "the man who introduced me to betty page". i was very saddened when i heard the news. loved the og rocketeer and love stevens art. gone way too soon. he will be missed:csad:

Here's to a fantastic creative mind, and to one of the best retro comics out there.

I didn't even know that he was ill, until my brother told me last week. The Rocketeer was one of my favorite characters to draw when I was a kid...
I used to have dreams that I was the Rocketeer.

R.I.P. Dave Stevens: Thanks for giving me good dreams to sleep by.

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