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The Score


Mr. Golightly
Dec 6, 2007
Reaction score
Should it be the score from 2004 Punisher? Should it be new? If new, how should it be? Post opinions, samples of music scores, links to music score youd think would be good, opinions etc.

Since it's a reboot, I think we should get a new score. I loved the intro score from 300, think something with slow strings and keys would capture some of the darkness in Castle's soul. Perhaps a metal song at the end credits, or metal in some parts of the action, not over done though.

I don't know if you've seen "Death Sentence", that revenge flick with Kevin Bacon, but it had a decent score.
New... I like parts of the 2004 score (the final battle scene had some good tribal sounding militaristic music, and the main theme wasn't bad) but it's not so awesome that it should just be recycled in to a reboot. I think some Hans Zimmer (Gladiator, Pirates of the Carribean, Mission Impossible 2, Batman Begins) style orchestra music would be perfect. What Wolverine suggests about Death Sentence is good too.
i think some of the music should come back, mostly the main theme and the theme used when he loads his weapons and his prep for "War" but the rest is entirely new, such as very us army music like "when johnny comes marching home" or something
I think the theme for the last one was cool. The horns were neat. I don't care if it's different, just as long as it has that sort of style. I'm sure whatever they do will be awesome.
The old theme wouldn't fit in a Lexi Alexander movie. Like I said before, it would be like putting Tim Burton's Batman theme in Batman Begins.
The old theme wouldn't fit in a Lexi Alexander movie. Like I said before, it would be like putting Tim Burton's Batman theme in Batman Begins.

you make a valid point...
im sure whatever we get will be cool, but hearing the "johnny comes marching home" us army march would be tight.
No change it to something else. I don't want any ties to the last film like that.
Siliotto's score will end up being better than the score this new movie will have anyway so might as well get an MV/ RC composer because the movie is gonna go that direction. Like most of the Marvel movies coming out next year and 09.
I think that the new score should be similar to the last one, except with more bass.
i never liked the score from the 2004 one, something about trumpets and punisher dont mix...i only liked the music when he was attacking the club, that seemed more like punisher to me
I liked the music from the punisher game. If they can take that and put it in the movie i think it will capture the right feel and tone.
I'm listening to the suite for Rambo. I think Brian Tyler could do a great score for WarZone.

And since it's at the same studio... Maby they use someone they've used before :p
Brian Tyler is simply just a great composer in general. Bubba Ho-Tep is one of my favorite movie scores.
who said trumpets and castle don't mix? he was a soulja remember! the game score was chilling and great, the score from the 2004 movie was a bit too western.
i want a dark and epic score. the theme from 2004 was definitely great, but i agree with the person who felt that that score was a bit too westerny. obviously they're not gonna bring back any of the score from 04... it needs to sound more modern and be very dramatic. indeed.
So long as it isn't anything like that crap opening theme of the 2004 movie.

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