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Superman Returns The Superman Returns Logo


May 15, 2004
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Attention all who know where all the good SR media is and/or all people who or good with Photoshop, I NEED HELP. So far, in most images and desktop wallpapers I have seen of the SR logo, they've all had that bludged effect/3D/rounded look to them and you can tell the S is not flat.

like this http://www.brandonrouth.com/gallery/albums/Film/Superman Returns/PromoImages/Promo_000.jpg

Im on a mission to find the SR logo WITHOUT that 3D/buldged effect, preferably in standard desktop wallpaper size and nothing smaller than 1024x768, but so far I have been unable to find anything like that.

here's an example of something similar to what im lookin for.


that is obviously the Reeve movies logo, and it's not totally flattened but its close. so, im lookin for the Superman Returns logo using the SR colors but in that style and totally flat.

Thanks to anybody who can help me out.
It looks better flat. I'm sure the next Superman director will make it flat.
that is almost exactly what i need, except it needs to be totally flattened. it still looks like the entire s shield is buldging out. but thank you so much, that is so very close to what i need...

ok, i found this pic online somewhere a long time ago. and it has everything i am looking for except the size is way to small and those little white areas need to not be there...

The SR logo is the classic \S/ raised. I don't see how it's shaped any differently.
honnziva, you missed the corner of the S shield, your line (red) on the top left corner is straight on the inside. The right side is curved so they dont align, you should fix that. Just a suggestion.
If you want a flat "sr logo", I don't think you're going to find it. It's slightly curvy whether it's 3D or 2D.
Now its the right top corner. It's curvy on the inside while the left is flat. Figured i'd point that out to you. (2nd time)
oh ok MM i can see what u r talking about, thanks everyone for helping me out...

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