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The thread where i become a sell out.

B.A. Baracus

Jan 8, 2010
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Actually the thread title should read 'the thread where my fiance makes me a sell out'

The missus has entered our youngest daughter into a cute baby competition thing as alot of people tell us she's really cute.

So this is the thread where i say, vote for my daughter please?


Thanks, i appreciate it.

Thanks to everyone who's voted so far (it seems people are voting as she moved up a massive chunk since this thread)

I noticed the view count is low on the thread but thats not always accurate, atleast at my end.

Thanks again.
Sorry man, I dont have Facebook, apparently you need it to vote.
A friend of mine asked me to vote for his baby on this.
What's in this for me? Do I win a baby?
Yes. And I'm too lazy to get up and walk to the kitchen, so it better be a walking baby.
What about a dancing baby.... [<-- old email joke]
What about a dancing baby.... [<-- old email joke]

I remember the dancing baby and the dancing baby toys, plus how people complained because it creeped them out. I personally liked it.

I think it also featured on a song but may be totally wrong?
Yeah thats where i saw it first, not sure if thats where it originated from though.

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