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The Trading Place.

By the way, didn't you tell me you had lotr figures?
And Roughneck, do you have a picture of Evil Ryu?
Saint553 said:
BD- Still got your coat. Moved back into school last week and classes have been kicking my ass. I have every intention to send it when I send my stuff to FTB. Sorry dude, I've just been getting my ass kicked from one end of poli sci 323 to philosophy 255.

That's ok. I'm only going to kill you once I recieve the coat. :)

And yes, t'was I who told you that I have LOTR figs. PM me if you are interested, you sexy man beast, you!
Balthus, you still need a ML4 Punisher? I have a spare loose one.
Ok, so BD has some LotR villains for me...Does anyone else have any LotR villains? I'm looking to put an army together.
This is my updated trade list as of tonight.

Balthus Dire said:
All figures are loose unless otherwise stated.

WANTS: (loose is fine unless specified)


SMC/Urban Legends DAREDEVIL (buff version, not skinny)
Danger Girl ABBY BASE

Red Skull
ANY Series 10 Figures

SMC Kraven
S6 Electro
S6 Venom

Origin Wolverine
Emma Frost (regular version)

12'' Thomas Jane PUNISHER

SF Series 3 GUILE (I need 2 of these, loose is fine)

Series 1 HELLBOY

Freddy vs Jason JASON VOORHEES

The Punisher - Confederacy of Dunces
The Punisher MAX Vol. 3

PM me if interested, suckas! I also have references. I might sell the DBZ figures if you'd rather buy them.


MOC "Solid" Sue
MOC "Invisible" Sue

MOC ML First Appearance GREEN Hulk Variant
*I can get most ML figs if you ask and the trade is worthy*

X-Men Movie

Spider-Man Movie
Super-Posable Spider-Man
J. Jonah Jameson

Two Towers LEGOLAS (comes with opened package)
FOTR Boromir/Lurtz 2-Pack (opened w/ package)
FOTR Pippin/Merry vs Orc (opened w/ package)

MOC Classic Covers Series 24 HELLSPAWN (package is slightly dented)
MOC Classic Covers Series 24 Spawn 43 (Leaping Spawn)
MOC The Matrix Series 2 Neo (Neo vs Smith)

Dragonball Z
MOC Android Saga Vegeta (x 2)
Android Saga Goku
Android Saga SSJ Goku
Android Saga Teenage Trunks
Android Saga Trunks (with long hair and Vegeta-esque suit)
Android Saga Vegeta
Android Saga SSJ Vegeta
Original Vegeta Figure with Removable Armor
Original Goku Figure

Diablo 2 DIABLO Figure
Diablo 2 BARBARIAN Figure
Balthus Dire said:
Indeed I do, sweet cheeks!

Cool. Only thing is I misplaced his base and his handgun. If I can't find the handgun, I can give you one from Movie Punisher. I saw a Punisher in a WalMart last week. I'm going up that way tomorrow so I can check if they have him and give a MOC one.

Not sure if you want him, but I have the S6 Kraven if you want him. Just thought I'd offer.

For MLs, I'm looking for Thor and Hawkeye. I know there's somemore MLs I need, just have to remember,
Torched said:
Roughneck I thought that the human torch with the 4 is the HTF one hes the one for $20 on ebay?

Really? Oh. Well I have two of them (one open one MOC) Huh, I didn't know that.
Saint553 said:
And Roughneck, do you have a picture of Evil Ryu?


It isn't in my hands yet. But it's coming.
^How many SF figs have you swooped on from ebay lol? Are you trying to get the ones you want or all of them?

At first I only wanted figures I liked, but after a while I felt I might as well pick up everything else, since it was only two out of the set I didn't want. round 1=Sodom, Sagat, round 2=T. Hawk, Vega, round 3=Adon, Gen. I really don't want Adon at all though. The rest I at least have some interest in lol. Darn SF Alpha characters I hate so much...
I Pre oreder all of Wave 3 From www.cmdstore.com
I previously won all of Wave 2 from ebay.
I just wont. 2X Sagat, 2X Bison, 2X, Chun-li, 2X Sodom, 2X Evil Ryu, 1X Ryu and 1X Turquois Chun-Li. And I am about to win and 80 frikkin dollar Ryu.

So now that I got 2 of wave one I am debating wether I should just unload the dupes.... Or do what I do with my MLs and order up another set of Waves 2 and 3 to keep one MOC.

I'll Likely do the latter, unless I can score some big trades.
Oh and I initially was only gonna get the ones I wanted (ie the SF2 figs) But then I found them in groups on Ebay, and then I read the history or Street Fighter, and started playing the games again, and now I want every fig they make.

I am addicted and I have yet to hold one in my hands. Hell my bare eyes have never even seen one out of the packge.
Yeah I just ordered my torch with the 4 moc on ebay for $25.
i am looking to trade all my 70's SW figs. they are loose, but in pretty good condition. heres a list of all the figs i have:

1 chewbacca
1 han solo
1 luke skywalker
1 Princess Leia in Cloud City outfit
1 C3PO (has very loose hinges)
1 snowtrooper
1 Death Squad Commander
1 Yoda with Orange snake
1 Jawa
3 Stormtroopers
2 Tusken Raiders (sand people)
1 Death Star Droid
1 Luke Skywalker in x-Wing Pilot uniform
1 Greedo
1 Hammerhead (cantina alien)
1 Snaggle Tooth (cantina alien)
1 Walrus Man (cantina alien)
1 R5D4
1 Death Star Droid

all the figures come in the original 1977 collector action figure case that is in good condition except for a small tear in the platic but thats it.

i have more SW stuff im willing to trade, heres a pic of stuff.

what im looking for in return are certain LOTR's figures and/or SSW sculpts, but mainly LOTR's toybiz figs.
What's that simpsons issue of Insider about?
i forget, i think its about how simpsons has done alot of pardoy's of SW. one of the only insider magazines i have in good condition, lol.
I want XMC Archangel, loose and complete.

Who has one for me?
Not I sir. I saw one a looooooong time ago when the XMC figs first came out and the pepto bismol costume just pushed me away. Yeah, its comic accurate but I never liked it.

Plus he looked kinda short.
I have one but I want to keep him even though he's not that great,

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