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The Villain of Villains: Nomination Thread







Honorable mention :

"Id like to play with things awhile before annihilation!" - Ming the Merciless
1. Captian Barbossa
2. Magneto (all; not just the movies)
3. Davy Jones
Uh, the fact that you have to remove him from the competition means he's already won.
All too easy.
So, close thread and forego the poll, 'cause Darth Vader won it in your first post. :huh:

I I were you, I'd make a "Who are your 3 favorite villains" thread where people could list their 3 favorite villains.
Makes sense. :):up:

And you can still see who comes in just under Vader in the #2 position, and who's number 3, etc. which is nice.

So, in case you come to your senses...

2. Hannibal Lecter
3. Dracula

Darth Vader, hands down.

I still think Emperor Palpatine gets overlooked, the man who made Vader who he is, overthrew a republic and established his own Empire, and practically erased a group of honorable guardians of peace.

Hannibal Lecter

Honestly, I'm only in this thread in the hopes someone makes a ridiculous nomination.

And I agree if you have to take Vader out because he'd win, it kinda makes the whole thing moot.

Oh well...
The Joker.
The Phantom of the Opera (based on several versions of the story)
Top Dollar (The Crow).
Bah, Darth Vader and Hannibal Lector are no longer the villains they used to be (THANK YOU Thomas Harris and George Lucas!) Whenever I look at that helmet and breathing, I'll always remember the non-acting moppet ('Yippee!!', 'Now this is podracing!'), or that mopey teenager who compared Natalie Portman (that's NATALIE PORTMAN!) to sand.

My top three villains (God, I miss the old days......)


Auric Goldfinger

"Choose your next witticism carefully, Mr. Bond - it could be your last".

"[Do you expect me to talk?]"
"No, Mr. Bond - I expect you to die!".


General Zod

"General Zod doesn't take orders - he gives them!"

"Come to ME, son of Jor-El - KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!"

And the best of all (not posted by anyone else)

Khan Noonien Singh

"Ah, Kirk my old friend! Do you know the old Klingon proverb, 'Revenge is a dish best served cold?' - It is very cold in space".

"I've done far worse than kill you... I've hurt you. And I wish to go on, hurting you... I shall leave you as you left me...[as you left her], marooned for all eternity, in the centre of a dead planet... buried alive... buried alive...."

^Great choices.
Keep voting, people.
Davy Jones for he will be worse then Barbossa i believe.
Lord Sauron with the One Ring.
Dr. Doom.
Alien Queen
Biff Tannen

(Darth Vader will always be tops, but I guess this is a battle to see who is second).
^Ditto on the last part.
Vader was already going to win, so this is who is better without him.
Half of the people who vote Vader just vote for the sake of it/overrate him.

Vader has earned his iconic status. He is hardly overrated.

Different magazines, online polls and organizations like AFI constantly put Vader in the tops of their lists.

Vader has earned his iconic status. He is hardly overrated.

Different magazines, online polls and organizations like AFI constantly put Vader in the tops of their lists.

I won't vote for Vader, because I know that there are three better villains that did the role of the villain better than he did.
Vader has altered your nominations thread restrictions. Pray he does not alter it any further.
And those 3 would be?

After thinking hard, my Top 3 are:

- Hannibal Lecter
- Jack Torrance
- Emperor Palpatine

Honorable mention to Khan and Goldfinger.

Palpatine is more of a villain to me than Vader.
Vader is the shyit, but he isn't the absolute best villain. Especially with those crappy prequels, with him not even being seduced by the dark side.
Gmork- The Neverending Story
The Fratelli's- The Goonies



disclaimer: the first two i threw out there cause they deserve mention from my childhood.. you guys will cover the bases on the rest
Hans Gruber
Thusla Doom

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