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The Wrestling Thread’s Giant Man Arms Make It Less Aerodynamic

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Mrs. Sawyer

Mar 11, 2009
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That all goes without saying. We all know that, but the IWC tends to put indie and guys on a pedestal like these guys are incredibly better than all of the WWE guys when in truth some of them wouldn't even last in NXT not because they're being kept down, but because they don't fit and they won't adjust to fit.
The issue I have with the IWC community is that many of them look at all the flashy moves of certain wrestlings and ignore basic ring psychology, as in if their mic skills are up to snuff, if they're good at telling or carrying out storylines, if they can sell, do they follow a good strategy, and also, like what's been talked about in this thread the last few weeks, do they fit in with a certain companys goals or can they adjust to a certain company's plans?

Say what people want about Cena or Hogan, or other guys in the past, but they may not be the flashiest wrestlers nor are they most skilled wrestlers, but they both had a great understanding of ring psychology, unlike the f**king Great Khali or some of these indie darlings the IWC raves on about.

Ain't nothin but the truth.
Agreed. Though Regal blew his chance at a WHC title run by the sounds of things. It was disappointing not to see Bulldog get his hands on the top strap though, even for a little while, considering he pretty much held every other title the WWE had to offer.

The timing was sadly just never right for Bulldog, he had great matches in 95 and 96 with Bret and Shawn but on both occassions he was in the enhancement role. He probably would have won the WCW WHC from Rick Rude at Starrcade 93 but he got arrested and ironically replaced by the Boss Man lol.

That has me thinking... Who do y'all consider the best wrestlers to never hold a "world title" (WWF/E, WCW/NWA)?

For me, it may be Arn Anderson and Dean Malenko.

Curt Hennig and Ted Dibiase because they had the all round qualities to be WWE Champion or WHC and I think that's important when answering this question. For instance Malenko and Arn were great in the ring and Double A was gold on the mic but neither had the look or IT factor to be a top guy IMO.

Roddy Piper and Jake Roberts never got a run because the view was that they didn't need the belt, Jake agrees with this. Roddy though sees it as his one regret and he was such a massive star he should have had at least one title run IMO.

Bulldog with Cornie as his manager is another and had WWE booked Bam Bam right in 93 I think he could have been a WWF Champion.
Competitors for the 2013 G1 Climax were announced.

The G1 Climax starts on August 1 and goes until August 11 where the finals will take place at Sumo Hall in Tokyo. The competitors are as follows:
Block A: IWGP Champion Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Togi Makabe, IWGP Jr. Champion Prince Devitt, IWGP Tag Champion Satoshi Kojima, Tomohiro Ishii, Hirooki Goto, Katsuyori Shibata, Lance Archer, Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Block B: IWGP Tag Champion Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Yuji Nagata, Shinsuke Nakamura, Tetsuya Naito, Yujiro Takahashi, Minoru Suzuki, Shelton Benjamin, Toru Yano, Karl Anderson, Kota Ibushi.

Really good stuff. So awesome NJPW got Ibushi and Shibata for this tournament. Bringing outside talent really gives this tournament credibility. Can't say enough good things about NJPW. They're definitely the best company out right now.

I couldn't single a promotion out as the best, especially when comparing the US and Japan as both have very different goals, for instance I'll pick and choose the matches I want to see from this but I'm sure many here would be bored to tears by the style and also the fact there's no storylines.

As for the G1 itself, I'd have kept Okada and Shibata apart until the final, I think it's the best possible match-up NJPW can book as the match Puro really needs is not going to happen.

While I agree, lets be honest most of the internet smark/darlings can do no wrong in the eyes of their audience. But kudos to them for actually getting the company to believe and invest in them.

The only real problem I have with the whole internet/smark darlings notion is the often double standards a guy or gal who does work there ass off to get to the high points within the company that who does not fall into that category is met with. And in this case they may never really, or have to work even harder to win the smarks over, as when you put one of their darlings next to them, there's only going to be one winner, regardless of who actually is better. I probably haven't worded this together well, but I hope you can see what I'm getting at.

A passionate defense of Cena and Henry or a stink eye from a Barrett fan? :D

Oddly I'm a fan of Rollins now but didn't rate him on the indies and I'd only seen Ambrose wrestle in FCW lol. Daniel Bryan was a guy I enjoyed on the indies but in truth I never thought he'd make it to where he has because I couldn't see him getting over, I thought Cesaro was a goof as Claudio Castagnoli and didn't see his KOW stuff, so he's won me over with his WWE stuff.

For me wrestling is not about what you did to get to the dance, it's can you bust a move and get jiggy for my entertainment once you're there. :D that's how I judge a performer.
It irks me that Harry Smith isn't working in WWE or TNA. I've always seen potential in him.
I see none. The kid had a lot of seasoning around the world before he came to the 'E and he looked like **** the whole time he was there. Hope to never see him in a wrestling again.
Does every or most divas need to have fake ass boobs?Damn
The Wrestling Thread’s giant man arms make it less aerodynamic

No one ever told the sheep they outnumber the Wrestling Thread

The Wrestling Thread demands recognition of its 8 years in NJPW!
Let's Just Say The Wrestling Thread Is Talking To Both WWE and TNA Right Now...
So I had a 2013 KENTA marathon tonight, catching up on all his stuff from this year where he finally became the GHC Champion after 2 bad injuries. He really has put it all together and became a real all rounder, it reminds me of how AJ evolved and what we are seeing now with Rollins.

I didn't realize until I saw the entertaining 8 man elimination tag match from NOAH's June 30th show that KENTA's 4th defense is actually tomorrow night against his long time rival/partner Marafuji, 7 years on from their classic GHC title match.

KENTA's title win over Morishima was an excellent match, KENTA has mastered how to wrestle his size and his flurries of offense against the much larger Morishima were paced perfectly amidst Morishima's powerful offense which he sold superbly.

The first defense against MAYBACH was surprisingly good as MAYBACH is not a great worker, but they basically had an 80's NWA style brawl match with MAYBACH's heeling coming straight out of that era, and it was fun.

The second defense against Suguira was a classic strong style endurance fight, a match both guys were bred on and know how to execute perfectly.

The third defense was a real surprise as he was wrestling Tano, a guy who wouldn't have looked out of place in FMW. This was as close to a street fight as you'll see in NOAH and I loved how KENTA had to adapt to facing a brutal, devious heel, he also bled hard-way which just added to the match, very good.

NOAH have tried Marafuji, Morishima and Shiosaki but finally the real heir to the Kobashi throne is ready to sit on it. KENTA has the look, charisma and talent, and finally he has the GHC title, hopefully that will be the case well into next year.

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Link to that Morishima/KENTA match please?
The future for NOAH looks bright with KENTA and Taiji Ishimori both winning the promotions singles titles on the January 27th show this year.

There are some good contenders for KENTA with guys like Suzuki, Sasaki and Shibata all freelance options, and a big rematch with Morishima is sure to happen, plus Shiosaki can always come back into the mix.

Ishimori doesn't have quite as many options but I'm hoping a match with Nakajima is possible and Kotoge is developing well, although he's had one shot I think 6 months down the line he'll be ready for another, plus SUWA will hopefully make it back and pose a challenge.
Was surfing YouTube a bit and stumbled across this little gem!

KENTA is the only interesting thing in NOAH right now...
I've missed out on a lot of recent conversation in here but it seems like people have pretty much been hitting right on the head everything I hate about the IWC.

Also, Hunter had a very productive post that educated me about a lot of things that I was really interested in studying up on with Layla.
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I want Layla for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. And afternoon tea. And Christmas. Basically all 365 days of the year. :D
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