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Comics The X-team That Will Have Cable On It Question And Thoughts.



The first question I have is how does Rouge become leader of a team with cannonball, Cable. mystique, and sabetooth on it? I am not insulting Rouge's leadership ability. First sam has more leadership experience then Rouge does. Second I just don't see Cable taking orders from her if he didn't like taking orders from scott or jean or xavier. Also mystique and Sabertooth will take orders from her.

Things I would like to see in this book.

1. Cable getting some of his powers back. I know he is doing it now tech wize. But I would like to see him have his powers back just maybe in jean level with tk and xavier and jean in tp. He doesn't have to go up to god level. But I wish he was powerful as he was when he took on the surfer. The world needs one supe psi since xavier depowered and jean is gone. The combination of his combat abilites and his powers would make him an asset to the team and a heavy hitter with rouge.

2. I know everybody likes the mystique and Iceman picture. But I wish it was a Rouge Iceman couple. That would leave Sabertooth, Mystique, Cable to be free to be in a love triangle. The three of them have been doing what they do best for years. Cable seems to have a history with Raven and so does Victor. Victor and Nathan both seem to hate logan (The reason I like them both).

3. Explore more of the father son dynamic between Sam and Nathan.

4. How does Cable feel about Scott and emma and his surogante mom Jean.

5. gueststar deadpool especially the bad blood between sabes and dp.

6. How does the team feel about taking orders from Rouge

7. The presures of Rouge leading this team.

8. Gambit guesstar.
I know that characters have been in different books at the same time before. Hell, in DCU, Robin is a fugitive, leading the titans, and helping Batman all at the same time. But they are changing the character of Cable from what he presently is. He is no longer a mutant. He has artifically recreated his telekinesis and telepathy. Plus, he is searching for global peace, not just mutant rights. His mission seems like such a greater scale, plus is devotion for it is greater than being muscle for a mutant super group.
Cable doesnt hate Logan - he respects him, but gets on with him the same way as Scott did about ten years ago.

Mystique and Vic hate one another, though they worked okay when in restraint collars in X-Factor under Forge (how bout makin him a member of this team dammit! First they kill Sean, now they make Forge a presence at the institute who is seen less often in any book other than New, than freakin scalphunter!)

Rogue (not flamin' Rouge - most common typing error on these boards I swear) and Iceman have a connection from their time on the road, with his dad and her havin absorbed Remy's memories. But I think she's gonna be too fragile for quite some time - Bobby will just have to be her shoulder to cry on. Her support. Though its a shame Remy aint about as the Horseman episode could change his character away from lovey dovey to the rascal he once was to keep his distance emotionally. Plus, he and Iceman were developng a fun friendship of jokes and comradre not seen since the times when Beast and Bobby were actually seen on the same page (oh how I miss the days of old...).

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