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Apr 4, 2006
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Hey Guys!

Here are a couple drawings i did this weekend inspired by the new Batman film, TDK---

Let me know what you think-- IF you guys want, or like my style and wanna see some more of my work, let me know and Ill post some more stuff.

Colorists are welcome to give them a try. :)



Any feedback would be ill--

Thanks all,


check out more of my drawings and film work @
the joker is great but the two face is killer! great stuff!
Great work. :up:
Hey All!

Heres a little sample of some characters from my comic-- one of my favorite drawings, for the time being :)--

I like your style. Kinda like Bruce Timm meets Tim Bradstreet.
Thanks Chucky--- Yeah I'm a big fan of Batman TAMS-- but my main artistic influences would be a little Chris Bachalo, Tim Sale & Kaare Andrews to name a few.

Im in the process of coloring the Joker-- Ill post that soon.

Thanks again.
the cokored joker.. amazing! cant wait for 2face....

also the western character looks great too... reminds me of Roland from 'the dark tower' series.
Thanks Mattchew-- yeah I am a big fan of the Dark Tower series :)
Hey Guys!

Here are a couple drawings i did this weekend inspired by the new Batman film, TDK---

Colorists are welcome to give them a try. :)

I actually started to put some color to your joker piece last night. It kinda makes me sad that you got to it before me. but it's actually kinda good. Allows me to see where you intended the color to be. :D I'll get my version finished asap.
yeah i still need to finish his hand, and make him look a lil more 3D, like the joker-- he looks too flat still, im going to round him out a little in his jacket...
I got a badass Batman sketch Im gonna scan in a bit so I can show y'all.

Thanks for all the positive feedback from everyone!

more stuff posted at:
Heres some stuff that I've been working on a film-- you might still see it coming soon-- Im not sure of the status because of the WGA and lost contact with the writer / producer-- hopefully they wont be browsing the SSH boards LOL-- whatever they still owe me for my work...



feedbacks welcome!

these 4 horsemen that come back from the dead to avenge their deaths
Here are a few sketches from the comic I am currently working on--- 2 characters and a monster they will have to defeat in the first arc.

Right now we are in the process of getting the first issue completed, and all the character turn-arounds, with descriptions / backstories... We already have the first 3 years written out. Once done and everything is pretty, we are going to pitch to all the major comic companies.

As usual, your feedback is always welcome.






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