World There should be a Superman tv show like Terminator.


May 24, 2007
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I have been watching the new Terminator tv show, and it is really good. Big budget, good acting, captures the spirit pretty good, and cool effects.

This is what Superman needs. I don't mean a continuation of the movies onto tv. But it would be so great if SuperMan got a tv show like this.

It would be faithful to the modern comics, leaning toward the John Byrne origin. Because right now the story's a bit mixed up in the comic books,and not too certain, it seems to be trying too hard to be more like a Donner film.

I'd rather see more of a Byrne thing, and from what I've heard alot of fans feel the same. That was a good origin and to me it is still in continuity.

Anyway, it would have a big budget, great actors, no camp, no references to anything from the past. Just something new, that's something that is lacking with Supes on film, none of it is ever new anymore. Smallville is pathetic and holds onto some donner stuff, and Superman Returns was a weak, lame rip off of Donner, all because Singer's a so called fan of the movie, but doesn't get the comics, he has ruined all of the comic films he's done by injecting reality into the one medium that's supposed to help you escape reality. He has no imagination.

Smallville should have just been Superman. Instead they made some weird show that is messing with the mythos way too much. I am just tired of Superman getting the crappy end of the stick with his movies and tv show.

It is time for Superman "Begins" The Movie, so to speak, Or a big budget tv show. Supes would be played by a MAN, 30 - 31 years old.

The suit would remain totally faithful somewhat an Alex Ross look. Big 'S', a yellow S on the cape, I'm tired of it being left out by lazy people with dumb excuses for leaving it out.

Lex would not be the main villian, he'd be the evil business man pulling the strings in the back ground, and his character would evolve into the main bad guy over time.

Brainiac would not be from Krypton, he'd be a bit cleaned up and revamped but not changed.

You wouldn't have to look at these characters and have to try to picture them as those characters. They would just be who they are. No race changes, none of that at all, no changes at all.

Just a nice clean up and something new, either an idea for a tv show or a new movie franchise.
Instead of focusing on one era of Superman, why not just take the best elements of Superman and put them into a show? Surely not EVERYTHING John Byrne did is gold.

And why does the actor playing Superman have to be 30-31? Most live action Superman actors are in their mid to late 20s, with the exceptions of Kirk Alyn and George Reeves. Especially in the case of a tv show that's based off the Byrne era comics, that doesn't make sense. Didn't Superman start out in his early 20s in Byrne's reboot? The main focus should be getting someone who looks right for the part anyway. A 30 year old can look too young and boyish, look at Tom Welling. Christopher Reeve was 24, and he looks 30.
TV serials is a good idea but i would prefer a cool franchise of live action movies for the new generation with a new director before any serials.
But then i love Superman more than any Superhero..even my Spiderman, so i won't miss anything with "S" on it.
Lets not forget lois and clark, and smallville. Both are pretty good.
Y'know...I'm becoming more and more of the opinion that Superman's exploits actually should be left to the small screen, at least for the forseeable future. WB seems to do a more consistent job producing Superman TV series, live action or animated, than it can ever crank out any theatrical releases.

But they gotta do something with SMALLVILLE, though, because as it is now it ain't gonna cover all the bases you need out of a proper Superman show (Translation: the cape, the tights, the full comic-book Rogues' Gallery, and the right balance of action, romance and humor WITHOUT cluttering the whole thing up with subplots that get dragged out into repetitive jokes and excuses to shoehorn in any other DC character that's not on embargo).
Smallville is pathetic .

I couldnt read anything after this ridiculous statement. Smallville has been the most interesting take on the Superman mythos so far and that includes ALL of the movies.

It may not follow the comics but for the most part their storylines and ideas are brilliant. This season had the best take on Bizarro Ive ever seen, including the comics.

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