they need to remake Captain Power

I liked the show enough as a kid (it was a Canadian program, BTW) but it would be hard to "mature" the concept of people in high-tech powersuits. That's a real kiddie concept, and should be kept that way.

However, any revival of this show would be welcome. I still see Peter "Hawk" McNeil show up in a lot of Canadian TV shows and movies.
a good idea lord blackbolt
good work
Could work but I don't know. It wasn't as successful as a lot of the 80's kids shows. There are a lot more I'd put ahead of this.
the key, is to maintain the interactiveness of the show. They have to come up with some sort of multi platform deal, that will accept the data that the show is telling the gaming console.

otherwise, everything about the show is mint. They don't even have to step on the toes of the original series, as it ended on a cliffhanger.

I say go for it. If they can hook in more interactive play, with an ongoing captain power live action narrative... then the shows a sure win. It could hit the market in three ways... gaming consoles, toys/gaming accesories, and pure TV.
i dont think there is enough demand out there for this.
they make shows like this already in japan. (sans interactiveness)

you just gotta know how to search for em ;)
Ha Ha! I loved this show as a kid. I had the toys that would shoot at the screen and everything.
God, I loved this show like crazy when I was a kid. I pretended I was the guy (so what if I was a girl? You can pretened you're anything at that age!) Glorious times...

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