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How the fight scenes should be done

Can someone please tell me the name of that sound effect in the video that starts at around 4:05? I've heard it so many times before, it must be a popular stock sound much like the wilhelm scream.

Its that crazy sounding yell.
Hopefully the action is viewable. That's my only hope.
The director should look at the "playground" fight sequence in Daredevil...and avoid doing anything similar to it. LOL
I posted that, because I thought the fight scenes in the first movie were slow and so tired. Especially the fight with thew Russian.
There is a scene I really loved in the first one and I hope they have more scenes like it. This scene won't get out of my head. There is something horrifying about it. http://youtube.com/watch?v=68QmIDeWSX4
I love the fight between Arnold and the big Arab in True Lies... just something brutal and no holds barred.
No slow-mo crap, no fancy camera work, no CGI. Make everything seen by the audience seem real by using practical effects for each sequence, with every hit or bullet that hits The Punisher/any of The Punisher's foes make it affect his/their physical abilities. Basically, all I really expect to see are great action sequences because the main focus of the film is obviously action so lets see some great fire-fights.
Slow motion isn't always bad if you use it right... And I'm not talking about movies like The Matrix or 300. Watch any John Woo movie. The Killer and Hard Boiled especially.
After watching Green Street Hooligans I have faith that the hand-to-hand fights are going to be sweet.
No wire fu stuff.

I wouldn't mind some John Woo style shoot outs but with less without the slow-mo.
Like Viggo Mortensens fight scenes in "A History of Violence" and "Eastern Promises"? Realistic, quick and hard, hand to hand and bloody.
Didn't someone say that there's a scene where Frank punches someone's face so hard their face caves in? It was stuff like that has me kind of worried about this movie. I kind wanted the action to be gritty and realistic not over exaggerated like a "Sin City" or "Kill Bill". The one thing the 04 movie got right is the action.
After this Im studying film making.... I just know I can do better then what I see today.
I'm looking for 1986-1993 era hard-R action violence, with a pinch of Hong Kong flavor thrown in.
I'm looking for 1986-1993 era hard-R action violence, with a pinch of Hong Kong flavor thrown in.
That's what I'm seeing and I love it!:yay:Dec 5th The Punishment Begins:unishr:
Im seeing that too, lets hope it delivers. Im still studying filmmaking though....
The best way to study is to go out and make stuff! I finally transferred into film school now and this year I'm stuck in the beginner courses. But I have no classes on Thursdays or Fridays so I plan to use those four day weekends to my own personal advantage.

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