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This is kinda fun (if you want to pass the time)

Batmans Spirit

Nov 14, 2007
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For a laugh put these in =

- George Bush
- arnold schwarzenegger
- Osama Bin Laden - it is great what you get back :lmao:
- The country england
- the westboro baptist church
- Clint eastwood


let me know what you put in and get back.
wtf!? :confused: worst. thread. ever. :down
i put the thread in twice sorry, so i told the mods to remove this, the actualy thread is below.
Just bumping this to get it above my accidental second posting of the thread.
lol, i have some more funny ones that i will put in the original post.

I nearly fell off my seat for what i got back when i put in Arnold schwarzenegger!!
'John McCain'
anagrams to
'Chic 'n' on jam.'

'Peter Benjamin Parker'
anagrams to
'Man! Jerk beaten ripper.'
Super hero hype
anagrams to
'Hey! Purer hopes.'


'gone with the wind'
anagrams to
'Wow! The hit ending.'

I'm TOTALLY serious about this one =

'weapons of mass destruction'
anagrams to
'US team swoops. Finds no trace.'
Robert Deniro = "Error on Bidet"


Trying Red Marvel didn't do much, but when I switched to:

'rocking red femme fatale'
anagrams to
'Germlike of famed nectar.'

'Jean Grey'
anagrams to
'Gay 'n' jeer.'

'Invisible Woman'
anagrams to
'I am evil win snob.'

'Human Torch'
anagrams to
'Arch not hum.'
'Lighting Strykez!'
anagrams to
'Rightly. Zest king.'

'Captain Planet!'
anagrams to
'Neat applicant.'
'SupermanBeyond on SuperheroHype'
anagrams to
'Oh No! Superabsurd nymph eyeopener.'
'The Original Bamfer'
anagrams to
'Fat, horrible enigma.'

'SupermanBeyond on SuperheroHype'
anagrams to
'Oh No! Superabsurd nymph eyeopener.'

haha, i like that one

' The Island of Lost Toys!'
anagrams to
'Stolidly honest fatso.'
'Godzilla 2000'
anagrams to
'Liza gold.'

anagrams to
'Gay 'n' gem.'

'J Albas Lover'
anagrams to
'Lovable jars.'
'Logan\'s Runt'
anagrams to
'Slug on rant.'

anagrams to
'Wit homes.'

anagrams to
'Hip! Garbled.'

'Hunter Rider'
anagrams to
'Her intruder.'

'Matt I Kid You Not'
anagrams to
'To an OK tumidity.'

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