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This is wrong and confusing in so many ways . . .


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Mar 3, 2006
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it's on the drawstring and side.

It's ******ed, and Coleman is officially hard up for monies.
as jag would say: WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL!? was my initial reaction
it's on the drawstring and side.

It's ******ed, and Coleman is officially hard up for monies.

but it's not even Gary Coleman selling the pants (I don't think), which makes it all that more confusing . . .
We're the only one's who care about this late Halloween scare, DV8. :(

wait.. wait...

I'd buy that for a dollar.
ebay is a very scary place . . . Wilhelm is just trying to look tough :o
he looks so upset in tht picture.

and i cant belive what that bid is up to!! what the hell are those people doing wasting there money on tht.
HAHAHA $206,000 are you kidding me? Thank god it's gotta be a fake bid or I've lost all hope for humanity.
Current bid: $206,100.00
My question to the bidders is... why? :huh:
I wonder how high this is going to go. Obviously people are playing with the bid, but 206 THOUSAND!
it really does look like some scribbled " Gary Coleman" on there...
they must be very very strange....and rich :csad:

cool avvy btw :D
If they don't know what to do with their money, they can always give it to me. I'll take $206,100.00. And they'll get more than a used Gap Kids athletic pants.

At least someone appreciates my avvy. Finally! Thanks.

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