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    I am really just trying to get an idea of the general opinion on Thor. I will flat out state that I believe Thor to be the most power character in the Marvel Universe, barring the obvious celestial, Odin, and others. The issue I am currently having is the extent of Thor's power degradation and whether or not it is even a factor, has it been made canon, are other writers following it?

    It seems on some levels to be flat out ignored since nobody is talking about it, if you are unfamiliar with what I am talking about after Thor broke Mjolnir on Bor. After it was repaired by Strange by supposedly using the Odinforce that Thor inherited it is said that Thor will be back to his pre- odin force power, and he will be tied to the hammer. This all took place towards the end of Strats run. However very soon Odin will released/revived, and he still has the Odinforce very much intact. Continuty wise this makes little sense to me, perhaps writers just ignoring eachothers work. If that is the case, can thor post Fear Itself still channel the Odinforce like he always has using his godblast? Has Odin cut off Asgard completely?

    If these things do affect Thor, how much weaker can we expect him to actually be? Lets remember that Thor even before he got the Odinforce was supposed to be stronger than pretty much everybody in the MU, including Hulk, even though he has not be written that way much as of late.

    Now lets just get a frame of reference here, Thor with the Odinforce pre-dissaembled defeated the avengers, x-men, the hulk and FF pretty handily, this timeline of course was reversed in Thor 79, but the events leading up to it were pretty much in line with Thor being the most powerful being in the MU, right after he comes back after Civil War, Thor faces off against Extremis Armored Iron man, Thor defeats him easily, completely depleting his armor, and ripping off his face mask to have words with him. Thor of course as I stated earlier defeats Bor, whether this was because of Bor's being manipulated by Loki or a testament to Thor's strength he was able to do it but breaks the hammer in the process. Supposedly loses a substantial amount of power, yet during Fractions run, we see Thor duking it out with the SS and punching a whole in Galactus head. So can anybody fill me in on the current state of Thor's power or is it completely writer based at this point in time?
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    Thor's power levels are completely writer based...
    Have you checked out the "God Bomb" arc? you need to if u feel like ur a Thor fan.

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